Lexus NX price revealed

Lexus NX revealed white front
23 May, 2014 10:19am Jonathan Burn

Lexus reveals prices for the new NX, with the six-model lineup starting at £29,495 rising to £42,995

Lexus has announced prices for the all-new NX will start from £29,495 and rise to £42,995. It is the Japanese manufacturers first crack at the mid-size SV market, currently dominated by the likes of the Audi Q5 and BMW X3. The NX will arrive in showrooms in October, with order books now open.

From launch only the NX 300h will be offered fitted with a 195bhp hybrid powertrain, featuring the familiar 2.5-litre petrol engine and electric motor. If you opt for the all-wheel drive model, an additional electric motor will be fitted to power the rear wheels. Lexus is claiming economy at 54.3mpg and 120g/km of CO2.

In March, Lexus will add an NX 200t to the range. It will be the first model from the brand to feature the new 235bhp 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine but will only be available in F Sport trim and with all-wheel drive. Pricing for the NX 200t will be announced later this year.

Lexus NX: five trim levels, S to Premier and F Sport

Five trim options made up of S, SE, Luxury, F Sport and Premier will also be offered. Entry-level S (£29,495) features kit such as 17-inch alloys, LED headlights, dual-zone climate control, DAB radio, media display with remote touch controller and an eight-speaker audio system.

Opt for SE trim (£31,495) and AWD will be fitted as standard along with larger 18-inch alloys, auto wipers, heated seats and integrated roof rails. More premium Luxury specification (£34,495) adds privacy glass, parking sensors, LED fog lamps and keyless entry.

F Sport models (£36,995) receive two-tone 18-inch alloys, F Sport suspension and dampers, electrically adjusted steering column, power tailgate and wireless smartphone charger. On top of all that, range topping Premier spec (£42,995) adds head-up display, 360-degree panoramic view, lane keep assist, driver’s seat memory position and heated steering wheel.

Lexus Navigation is available as an option (£995) on all S, SE, Luxury and F Sport models, with the more sophisticated Lexus Premium Navigation system (£1,995) additionally offered for F Sport variants.

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So very ugly from the company that defends whaling!!

Nice try! If you had done some research you will have seen that Toyota (New Zealand) does NOT support whaling!

Pricewise its pitched directly against the Evoque.
A five figure number less than the Macan though.

I don't think potential buyers will be bothered by animal rights. LOL!

Shame they never bothered with a diesel version, which is what most European buyers want. Looks good though

Toyota\Lexus' supremacy of the hybrid tech is no secret but offering a diesel option can only boost its appeal in the diesel-dominated UK and Europe.
Following Toyota's tech-swap with the BMW, one would've expected some BMW tech coming Toyota's way, but so far the tech-swap seems mostly one-way.

The one way being BMW diesel engines in the Toyota Verso. We are still waiting for anything from Toyota to appear on a BMW (to the best of my knowledge).

Bear in mind that Toyota's hybrid tech is nothing special. BMW have far surpassed it with the i3 and i8. What BMW are desperate for is factory space to build the tech. BMW production is expanding at a very high rate and its factories are at full capacity. The same is not true for Toyota/Lexus.

BMW i3 is an electric car, not hybrid.
i8 is a hybrid, but at what price ?
way out of league for most people !
Toyota/Lexus is able to bring Hybrid to the mass market at an attainable price.
BMW will use Toyota's knowledge in hybrid and fuel cell technology.
The 1.6 diesel from BMW is the only engine used by Toyota, and even if BMW lend the 2.0 diesel, Toyota are nto allowed to use it on the Lexus.
Toyota is not standing still with it's hybrid tech. Look for some of the stuff used in their WEC,car and the extreme hybrid Yaris to be filterd to future models..

Mike, the i3 is an electric car but the i3 Range Extender is a hybrid and is the same price as a Prius Plug-In! The BMW is truly revolutionary when it comes to technology which translate to spectacular performance and economy stats. It's all very well manufacturers boasting about their future tech but putting that into production is another matter. The fact is the stuff BMW have now makes Toyota/ Lexus hybrid models look like antiques! Don't forget that BMW even launched a hydrogen cell 7-series 8 years ago. This was available to the public to lease and not just a prototype.

With regard to diesel engines, BMW are currently launching a new generation of engines already appearing in the 5 series and X3. Perhaps Toyota will be given the use of the old gen ones including the 2.0? I would love to see a BMW 320d compared to an IS with the same engine and gearbox. It would give a chance to see if BMW's chassis really is that much more dynamic than that of the Lexus.

Back to the tech-swap issue, we can only guess the details of their arrangement. I stand by what I said that the only benefit BMW could possibly get is Toyota's factory space. Toyota are closing a factory around the world but BMW need more factories. It doesn't take Einstein to work out what will happen.

Oopsy *closing FACTORIES around the world*

The Hydrogen 7 was not fuel cell tech. It just used hydrogen instead of petrol and it didn't even do that particularly well! However I agree that Toyota are dwarfed by BMW in the tech dept. (at the moment).

Hybrid uses an ICE to provide energy to a PSD (Power Split device), or a battery to provide energy to the PSD.
The PSD in turn drives the wheels. The battery is re-charged by braking.
An electric car is driven by an electric motor, charged by plugging in somewhere or charged by an engine ( range extender), the engine is like a genrator.

Therefore, the BMW I3 is more akin to the Volt/ampera and is definitely behind them, the i3 has limted range, just look for the description yourself. So that just leaves the i8 which is way out of reach of most people, not even talking about its non-praticality. BMW site also lists the i series separately from their hybrid range , why would that be ?

So if we compare their hybrids, the BMW 3 series hybrid, it costs minimum 40K, whereas the comparable Lexus IS300H starts from 28K.

No way is BMW after Toyota factory space.

The i3 RE is a hybrid. BMW don't call it a hybrid because under Californian zero emissions regs it can pass as a pure EV if its petrol range is smaller than its electric range. To say that the i3 is 'behind' the Pruis is one of the most bizarre things I've read. Even the Volt/Ampera is a fantastic car compared to the Toyota.

So the BMW 3 series hybrid costs 50% more than the Lexus IS300H but you are comparing a six cylinder BMW capable of 0-60 in 5.3 secs with a much slower Lexus. It's like comparing a 320d with an M3. I know which I would rather have. What it shows is that BMW can also make a relatively primitive hybrid like in the Toyota/Lexus style as well as the super advanced i series.

As I said before, only Toyota could benefit from a tech exchange, not BMW. The fact that if you want to test drive an i3 you have to go on a waiting list, and to buy one requires a wait of nearly a year gives you all the information you need! BMW need Toyota to produce BMW stuff!

Japan supports and carries out whaling so by buying Japanese goods you are effectively supporting Japan and thus supporting whaling.