Confirmed: MG is building a new roadster

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3 Jul, 2014 4:35pm Jordan Bishop

MG has begun work on a new two-seater sports car to succeed the MG TF, and it will arrive before the end of the decade

A spiritual successor to the MG TF two-seat sports car will enter production soon, an inside source has confirmed. And although there’s no official launch date it should be on sale well before the end of this decade. 
Speaking exclusively to Auto Express, an MG insider confirmed bosses have been discussing a return to the open-top sports car market, and want to make it happen just as soon as the British brand has re-established itself under SAIC ownership.
As a result an exact timeframe has not yet been agreed, however MG recently revealed it’s working on two new vehicle architectures, one of which will be designed capable to support a compact roadster, according to our source.
Both these platforms are being designed to offer similar levels of flexibility as the VW Group’s MQB layout, with the ability to large numbers of components and engines to help slim down costs. And it’s believed the twin architectures will see four new MG models launched across different markets by 2020.

While a sportscar is clearly a perfect fit for the MG brand, and just what it needs to build worldwide recognition, it’s understood that its chances of reaching showroom hinges on the success of volume models that will come to market first. The most important of these is a SUV based on the CS Concept, due in 2015, while a Ford Focus-rivalling MG5 is also in the pipeline along with a more compact Nissan-Juke-sized SUV.

Chinese-based SAIC’s UK Technical Centre is also working on a number of new engine families, including higher power 1.5-litre and 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol units ideal for a sports car application.
While a traditional front-engined rear-wheel drive layout is believed to be the front-runner for a new MG sportscar, the MG TF successor might not be the only roadster in the lineup either. Bosses are still weighing up the production possibilities of the convertible version Icon conept – creating a halo model for the brand that should go down well in China, where sportscars only make a tiny percentage of total sales.  

Is a new roadster what MG needs or should the brand concentrate its efforts elswhere? Tell us what you think in the comments section below... 

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I sincerely hope this proves to be correct. MG has started to accelerate and once there is a full range, I am sure more successes will be in their grasp. It is around four years since the TF effectively petered out, and with Mazda about to launch a new MX-5 and MINI talking about a new Roadster, we cannot see an MG offering soon enough.

It's nice, but 2020? Too long...

Finally MG has kicked back into action but I hope it will look better than the MG TF

Yes please - bring it on!

Shame it has taken them so long to replace the MG TF ...

Sorry, I may need to re-read the article, but was it specific about which decade...?

I thought the F and TF were nice looking cars, just had a poor seating position and bad driving dynamics. (Then there was the K series head gasket problem on the inaccessible mid engine arrangement.

They were still very popular though because buyers didn't care about dynamics, they just wanted a convertible.

But 2020? I hope they have a ULEV, electric option because the car world will be a different place in the next decade.

They should never have stopped making sports cars. By 2020 everyone will have forgotten that they once made some of the world's best. Their current offerings are pretty dull and forgettable, too. Forget it, buy a Mazda MX-5!
MGCC member.

no thanks

A British MG in name only.

I don't know why you bothered to even comment!

Let's hope it has more about it - especially looks - than the forgettable MG3 and MG6.

"Before the end of the decade"!!!! That is 6 years away and FAR too long! MG is slipping away in peoples' minds and needs action much sooner. Let's hope the build quality improves over the MG6

Nope. In styling, engineering and assembly.

In order for this to succeed (in the States), it needs to take a design cue from Mini's Superleggera Vision, a callback to the Spartan British driving machines of yore. And it has to be cheaper than the Miata. I think this is one car that could significantly benefit from the same retro-futurism that helped the Mustang and Challenger, too.

Yes I agree with you. In order for it to be 'want it, must have it' they need to tap into the classic sports car vibe.

I agree that 2020 is a frustratingly long time; by then Mazda would no doubt have launched yet another generation of the MX5 (or the 30th Anniversary Special Edition LE). In the past, Rover (who owned MG at the time) created the RV8 as a low volume segue in advance of their MGF main act. I wonder if through a platform share whether they could do the same kind of thing again?

Correction. Shame it is still taking them so long to replace the MG TF as they still haven't done so yet!