MINI Rocketman back on?

MINI Rocketman
Credits: @conallmahon via Twitter
23 May, 2012 11:00am

New MINI Rocketman has been spied on a video shoot in London

Is a production version of the MINI Rocketman back on the table? The idea of a ‘mini’ MINI was canned last year, due to the cost of the project, but this picture – which surfaced on Twitter via @conallmahon – has reignited hope that it will be built.

The car was finished in a new blue and red colour scheme (the original concept was grey and black), and was snapped during a video shoot in London. But details are very scarce.

Carbon fibre bodywork and clever packaging mean the Rocketman is only 40cm longer and 50cm wider than the original MINI, and still seats four.

It’s practical and quirky, with floating tail-lights and double-hinged doors, while the  original concept’s fuel economy was estimated at around 94mpg.

So why would the company be shooting promotional film on a car it doesn’t intend to build?

MINI UK refused to comment, so we’ll have to wait to find out exactly what the refreshed Rocketman concept means for the future line-up.

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"only slightly longer than the original" but judgment from the picture you;d be hard pressed to get one person in it comfortably. Is it really too hard to build a small car that also has room MINI? judging by Fiat/Kia/Hyundai the answer is a resounding no! so why another cramped MINI? The big version is bad enough.

So, it's 40cm longer and 50cm wider than the original. That's 16" and 20" in old money - hardly an insignificant amount.
It sounds more like the size of the first generation Fiesta and Polo hatchbacks to me.

How much room do you need, I'm 6'1" and fit in the MINI hatch very easily (front or rear seats). It's entirely possibly that with some clever design and skinny seats they could make the Rocketman seat four. It's never going to be a Grand Tourer though, obviously.

Snappy: What you've got to take into account are the current safety regs; crash an original Mini and you'll probably die or be crippled. The new MINI's have five star safety ratings.

is this a direct competitor to the golf course buggy? i think even that has more space, more practical and definitely more fuel efficient than this

Tyres and interior colors are different as well. Hmmmmm...quite a lot of work for a car that's not going to be put into production. Very interesting...

No comment. Oh yes. BMW on yer bike for exploiting a once honoured respected thoroughbred small car, called a Morris or Austin.

It's easy to tell from these comments who the fat people are. I would love to have back my 1964 1071S. What a great car that was. Fast, stiff, yet big enough to take my chunky mother-in-law round the Bedfordshire country lanes at over 90 when conditions permitted, without complaint.

Another ugly and stupidly named mini on the cards then...

I'm so bored with all the spin-offs of the current MINI. I may be in the minority, but this is more like it and BMW would be mad to let this car slip through the net.