MINI Countryman gets new look for 2014

16 Apr, 2014 1:06pm Paul Bond

The facelifted MINI Countryman has been revealed at the New York Motor Show

The MINI Countryman crossover has been given a fresh new face for the summer. The popular 4x4 has sold over 350,000 units worldwide and the subtle updates bring the biggest model in the range closer to the all-new MINI hatch, with lower emissions across the range and extra power for selected models as well as the styling tweaks.

Most of the changes to the exterior are reserved for the front end – which gets a new grille design with a prominent scoop and new crossbar – plus a sporty red ‘S’ badge for the quicker versions. New LED fog lights are optionally available for the first time, and incorporate a ring of daytime running lights for a modern look.

Four new colours, including Jungle Green, are now available, and Cooper and Cooper S variants come with a lighter set of five-spoke alloys as standard. The Cooper S has been given some extra power too and its twin-scroll 1.6-litre turbo now produces 190bhp (7bhp more than before) and takes 0.1 seconds less to reach 62mph from a standing start.

MINI Countryman 2014 rear tracking

However the whole range is also more efficient than before too. Thanks to better use of the brand’s MINIMALISM technology and lower rolling resistance tyres all versions of the Countryman now meet the stricter Euro 6 emissions standard.

Emissions for the Cooper S fall to 139g/km and it will now return 47mpg, while the more frugal Cooper D models emit just 111g/km and return an impressive 67g/km – which still makes them the cheapest version to run.

ALL4 four-wheel drive versions of the Countryman now come with metal scuff plates built into the front and rear bumpers for a more rugged look, and they are optionally available for front-drive models as well.

Every Countryman in the range now gets the anthracite dials from the JCW model, and even the most potent 218bhp Countryman will get the same changes as the rest of the range, with order books opening at the start of the summer, this June.

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I like this very much. Mini goes from strength to strength.

Yeeeah my Mini Countryman does around 27mpg average.

The power on offer from the engine isn't an issue for me, its the tq, 171lbft(yes I know its got overboost but I dont think to access this I should always have my foot welded to the floor) is not enough for the shove you come to expect of a Cooper S. The new 1.2 turbo from Pug manages the same tq even with 400cc less and a cylinder missing.

Shame they didnt squeeze the new 2ltr in there.

Along with the Paceman its going to feel very out of date when the Clubman also comes along.

Yikes this is one horrible looking over bloated car, .From the rear its dredful all that over styled nonsense.

Before FIAT launched the 500L, I used to think that the Countryman was the most stupid looking car on the road.

Neither look good in photographs but the FIAT does look a tiny bit better in reality because the detailing is less inept. All Minis (and some BMWs for that matter) look worse in reality, which takes some doing.

Never ceases to amaze me how much rubbish you write Paul. Somewhere there's a village missing its idiot...

hahahahaha, that's made my day that!

Seriously? Jeez, specsavers closed down near you has it?

An ugly design made even more ugly.

Good Heavens! They've managed to make it look even worse! I didn't think that was possible. What an achievement.

Never ceases to amaze me how many self deluding fanboys with no visual perception there are out there. Now let's just avoid more personal abuse simply because we disagree.

I don't like abuse but I don't think that counts as such, and it is quite funny! You have to admit that you do sound kind of dumb with your comment.

The Countryman and 500L are ugly, period. Not only in pictures but in real life. IMO, the 500 takes the biscuit as it has that terrible soviet look going on.

What has fanboys gotta do with anything? Mini fanboys calling mini ugly doesn't make sense. If anyones a fanboy it's you for Fiat with all that 500 only looks bad in the photos jibberish! Not only dont you have visual perception, you also dont percive how stupid you look!