MINI Cooper D deliveries delayed due to noise problems

MINI Cooper D 2014 front action
Credits: Pete Gibson
26 Mar, 2014 3:01pm Joe Finnerty

Louder-than-expected diesel engine delays delivery of new MINI Cooper D

MINI has been forced to delay deliveries of the all-new MINI Cooper D after they found test cars had developed noise problems.

The Cooper D has a new 1.5 three-cylinder engine and its believed the diesel version is noisier than expected. And there's no fixed timeframe on when MINI will have it fixed with customers left waiting on their new cars.

A MINI spokesman confirmed engineers are investigating the problem and the company is keen to only deliver the new diesel model to owners when it is perfect quality rather than be forced to issue a recall at a later date.

One customer got in touch with Auto Express after he actually received his Cooper D before being told by the dealer to return it immediately.

He said: "It was delivered on Friday morning and Friday evening they said bring it back. MINI said it was an audio acoustic problem which doesn't seem right. They said they've suspended all orders."

The Cooper D is the most frugal car in the MINI range with claimed fuel returns of 80.7mpg and CO2 emissions of 92g/km. Despite having one cylinder less than the MkII, power is up from 110 to 114bhp with 270Nm of torque.

Prospective owners have shelled out £16,450 for the standard MINI which comes with Bluetooth, a DAB radio and air-conditioning although some will have stumped up more for the extensive list of extras.

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In the BMC/Austin days there would have been no delay. Ow it'll 'ave to do (imagine thick brummy accent).

They discovered, much to their amazement, that it sounded like a canal boat..

I was told this last Friday. I hope it'll speed up the delivery of the Petrol Cooper I've ordered.

Three cylinder diesel equals no surprise.

Mini piece of crap!

Its MINI and its not crap.

Have you driven it? Its awesome you fool.

I've driven both extensively, and the petrol is like the outgoing 'S' its by far the champion of the new F platform. You'll love it!

So does a 7 series BMW.

You people with your negativity make me laugh! I would rather wait than receive a £20k issue car, at least they're honest and want to deliver the car right. Look at the reputation they have to preceed and the 'its not a MINI anymore' crowd they have to entertain, its the only car like it in the market place, there isn't another car near to how good the F56 is, so unless you have something constructive to say then pipe down, bloody moaners! It must be crap considering it forward sold 4500 units before the pubic even got to drive it, what other manufacturer has a brand as strong as that and a loyal base of customers as good!

Three cylinders suit manufacturers rather than users and are a step too far where diesels are concerned. Will only get more vibratory with age. Please remain civil!

How to define civility? You're all butchering a car you know little about. It's annoying isn't it when someone slanders something they know nothing about. It's new tech, there's always going to be issues, it doesn't vibrate as you would imagine...assuming you're one of the many who hasn't driven it.

Absolutely nothing to do with the Mini per se but with the concept of three cylinder motors. A colleague bought a three cylinder petrol "of a certain make " only to sell it pronto at considerable loss because it "vibrated through the pedals". He then bought a four cylinder version instead of changing makes! A bit like a football supporter's attitude of "my team right or wrong" and motorists are very similar in many ways.
There is nothing at all "new tech" about three cylinders. Such motors were around in the nineteen hundreds and fell out of use because of the balancing problems which age and wear exacerbated. These issues can be mitigated nowadays but they are still intrinsic problems.

Suit the manufacturers? Really? Does it suit the manufacturers to deliver a sub standard product and wreck their reputations? How ridiculous.

They are competing with each other to deliver more efficient responsive engines in lighter packages with more reliability. We are seeing the benefits of tech and progress being pushed on by this competition.

Having owned a 3 cylinder diesel for just over 3 years rather than harbouring a completely unfounded opinion about them I think they are a welcome development. Arguably it is a little less refined when accelerating hard at low speed but at motorway speeds and beyond it is commendably hushed and vibrations are non existent/barely perceptible at any speed. Its also a lot punchier than you would expect and cheaper to service too. Like other German manufacturers every little issue is blown wildly out of proportion on here so I wouldn't worry about it too much!


Lots of big words there and couldn't be further from the truth, this is a completely new engine and is nothing like any other three cylinder, it's not 'any other manufacturer' it's not the 1900's and your argument is irrelevant and based on assumptions. You can't be an armchair specialist without facts.

Diesel engine in noise shocker! Is anyone surprised a diesel engine is noisy, especially a 4-cylinder BMW one!?

Mitsubishi sold 11,000 Outlander PHEV's in Holland before they came out and not one of those customer's test dove it. That car is double that of the mini. Nuff said

All the more reason to expunge these coarse, clattering, unrefined, carcinogen abominations from the face of the earth.

Didnt BMW/Mini discover this problem during testing and development, or perhaps they just thought they would be able to get away with because of the badge on the bonnet, knowing gullible people will buy anything associated with their brand

This car got 4,500 forward orders on a brand name not one of these 4,500 customers thought to test drive before ordering so how naïve can you get, don't tell me to pipe down as these 4,500 people have no knowledge of how to buy a car but have knowledge of how to buy a brand.
Does iPhone ring a bell here.

Have you driven it if so you must be a test driver and have past a sub standard product onto the market floor otherwise why would BMW stop the sale of these cars move that if not stopped could have spelt wholesale disaster on sales and their name. This could have the same effect as DMF has in the diesel world once you try to remove it from it's natural plodding nature.

You clearly have no knowledge of the motor industry, people buy MINI because it's a premium product and it's a drivers car the 4500 people who bought before launch we're existing customers and people who trust the reviews of the experts not armchair heroes who's opinion, like yours, is ignored. Pound for pound, MINI is the best manufacturer out there, period. I'm guessing you drive a VW.

You're a bit bitter aren't you? Long bridge lay you off did they? I know the brand inside out and drive one also so I'm in a stronger position than you to judge. I'm defending the brand against negative onlookers like you. So take your Polo Match and move along and pipe down.

And throughout the other launch markets Mitsubishi sold 200. Success in the Netherlands was due to a tax incentive scheme. So, far from "Nuff said" you left out the most important factor.

its a THREE Cylinder

Blinkers come to mind and no Long bridge did not lay me off and I do not drive a VW although in the past I have owned one and I have owned several new cars in the past but never without a test drive because as BMW are proving that the next car they make may not be as good as there previous car.
Just because you drive one and think you know the brand inside out you are a failure in this case and remind me of Alfa owners no matter how bad they are and they know they are not perfect they still buy an Alfa next time.
I was a car transporter driver before retiring and our company at the time had the sole contract for delivering BMW and saw the large amounts of faults in their cars that they are so good at hiding from the public like at one time every single auto box had to be replaced in a certain model range.
And before I go I own a Dacia Lodgy which is my second Dacia which I bought because my first was such value for money but I still took a test drive and several people who have seen and ridden in it have gone off and bought one.
So thank you Mr I must go and plug my iPhone 5 into my new Mini with a noisy engine that won't let me hear it.

Sounds like a textbook case of 'grumpy old man with nothing better to do' disorder to me.

There's nothing wrong with the engine and with all you wealth of knowledge reversing cars for 20 yards every day doesn't make you Jeremy Clarskson.

I suggest you get out more and leave the reviews to the people in the know.

Thanks for your input so far though, I've filed it under B.

My wife bought a mini from brand new about 6 or 7 years ago. Great car to drive, fast, fun, but the reliability was non-existent. She got 3 years inclusive servicing, and just before the 3 years were up, the dealer highlighted THREE mechanical problems, thankfully the dealer charged these to BMW as it was still under warranty. Then about a year later, another major mechanical problem, can't even remember what it was (fuel pump or something) but it was going to cost about a grand to fix (we got 2 quotes). We complained to the dealer as it was a 'known' problem and fair play to BMW for paying up, but it put us off minis and BMW. I have bought several Japanese cars (mainly hondas) over the last 15 years or more, and mechanically they just don't fall apart like the mini, you put diesel in them, change the oil, brakes and tyres when needed, and that's it. Like I say, the mini is a great wee fun car to drive, but no where near robust enough.

Of course. My bad.

I owned a r56 cooper s. it was the worst car I have had, nothing but electrical problems, I found it boring too, that's my opinion on mini expensive yes,but with that cheap feeling. ha

Funny how we English are producing cars that the World wants to buy.
The secret seems to be not having English management at the very top.

Gets worse there are now delays on the cooper S and any cooper with twin tone roof. BMW not being open about this but getting information about the delays has been like getting blood out of a stone. I already have an offer for compensation now, my car was built week 10 (9th March) but is sat at Oxford due to logistical delays. (they say they that no lorries are leaving the plant!, what does that mean the one driver is off sick, the lorry has broken down or there's a sink hole outside the plant?) Very poor customer service and feedback each week in the last 3 my delivery date has been put back a week. I was due to get car on launch weekend now no visibility on delivery date….thinking about cancelling.

Wish mini would give out more constructive information, my car has been built and ready to go for 3 weeks and i have no idea when it will arrive. worked in the motor trade for over 20 years and this is pretty poor communication.