Falcon F7 supercar

11 Jan, 2012 12:17pm Mat Watson

US-built Falcon F7 is the new kid on the supercar block

It has taken Michigan-based tuning firm Falcon only 12 months to turn its Falcon F7 from a concept into a reality. The firm first unveiled the concept at the 2011 Detroit Motor Show, and now at this year’s event it has unveiled the production car, which will go on sale later this year priced 225,000 US dollars.

The Falcon F7 features carbon fibre bodywork, a tubular chassis and suspension from the Corvette. Power comes from a mid-mounted Chevrolet 7.0-litre LS7 V8 with 612hp.

This combined with a kerbweight of less than 1,300kg should enable the F7 to sprint from 0-60mph in around four seconds, while top speed is expected to be around the 190mph mark. 

Interested buyers will have to be just as quick, as only 20 Falcons will be made each year.

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Wow - price is only 5,000!

Is that 5000 gold bars?

Otherwise, yawn supercar yawn carbon fibre yawn 10Gbhp yawn 0-60 yawn yawn.

Yes, 5,000 gold bars or $225,000 US dollars. Our silly style sheet has decided not to show dollar symbols any more. Apologies about that but we've now fixed it.

Thanks for the spot,
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