Qoros planning to come to Britain

21 Apr, 2014 8:15am Graham Hope

Qoros is coming to the UK, according to bosses in Beijing

Chinese brand Qorus looks set to come to Britain after all. Despite a high-profile launch at last year’s Geneva Motor Show, it was unclear if sales in the UK were on the agenda. But sales and marketing boss Stefano Villanti boss says Qorus will come here. 

“As you can imagine right-hand drive is a big investment for a small company like us, but we are putting all the elements  together and we think it is our next development step – so that means the UK as well,” he said. 

Qorus sales began at the end of last year in China and Europe. “In Europe we have started a small pilot in Slovakia and are planning a major launch two years from now,” continued Villanti.

“Right-hand drive will be after 2016, though, for sure. Britain will not be one of the first countries in Europe.”

A four-strong range will be offered on the Continent – the 3 hatch, saloon, a crossover and SUV. And budget pricing is not on the cards. “We will not be low cost. We will be competitive with mainstream brands,” said Villanti.

The top-spec 3 – awarded a five-star crash test rating by Euro NCAP last year – is currently on sale in Slovakia and costs 20,960 Euros (£17,200).

Villanti does not believe it will be difficult to convince UK buyers of Qorus’ merits. “It will be easier than convincing Chinese customers,” he said. “Our proposition is the new ‘Made in China’. It is well engineered, well designed, to the highest standard.

“Our objective is to have an internationally competitive product.” 

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Not sure I understand why so much attention is being drawn to Qoros by the motoring press... the styling is underwhelming for a soi-disant premium brand, and I fail to see any reason to justify mainstream prices in the engineering... will be interesting to see how they get on.

looks like 10yr old Vauxhall styling, they say they aren't a cheap car but they certainly aren't a class car and it takes time to build a good reputation so maybe they should have played it safe and gone for a Dacia rival ie cheap and well built until they got a foothold in the market and then hit us with something a bit special.

Seems neither of you have any idea, they are bang upto date with technology and safety, 5 stars for teh first model is not a bad start, as for the comments about 10 year old Vauxhall styling, I am not sure what Vauxhall you had but none that were available looked like these.

Having seen one in the tin, they do look far better than in pictures, and the interiors are stunningly well screwed together, and be assured it will have some of the best in car tech available.

They are good cars. Chinese have money to invest and the engineering consultancies that they use in their car development are the best I'm the world. The real problem will be establishing a good dealer network so people feel confident and don't have to travel miles. This is stopping Kia from being even more successful, I recently went to enquire about a new Picanto and the sales experience was shockingly appalling.

Does the mostly European Qoros management not realise that some of the world's biggest countries require RHD vehicles?? This would be a useful car for that small nation called INDIA, or that rather wealthy country called AUSTRALIA, they might even get some sales in that nearby country of JAPAN, or even THAILAND or that poor little enclave called HONG KONG.
For goodness sake: are these Qoros people that clueless??