Nissan's Golf by 2014

Nissan's Golf by 2014
Credits: Milos Dvorak
3 Sep, 2012 10:00am Jack Rix

A new Golf-rivalling Nissan hatchback is set to be designed, built and engineered in the UK

Nissan is building on its extraordinary success with the Juke and Qashqai crossovers by returning to the family hatch mainstream in 2014. A stylish new VW Golf rival is already deep into development – and it will be designed, engineered and built here in the UK.

Nissan’s executive vice president of product planning, Andy Palmer, told Auto Express: “There is a gap in our range and the idea of the new car is to keep our customers within the brand.

“This will catch buyers moving up from a Juke, who can then buy a Qashqai if they need more space. Eventually, the idea is to get them into an Infiniti.”

The name is yet to be revealed, but Palmer dropped a series of hints. “It won’t use the Almera name, you can be sure of that,” he said. “But it will be familiar.”

As our exclusive images show, the Golf rival will feature design cues from the Invitation concept, including the sharp headlights, the ‘squash line’ crease in the flanks and the curvy tail-lights.

For the interior, the focus will be on class-leading quality. Nissan admits that this is the only area that lets the current Qashqai down, and it’s not intending to make the same mistake again.

There are no plans to produce a costly hybrid, either; all versions will be petrol or diesel-powered. The range is likely to kick off with a new 1.2-litre turbo petrol with 113bhp and 190Nm of torque, capable of returning more than 50mpg. The biggest seller, though, will be a 1.6 diesel with around 128bhp, sub-100g/km CO2 emissions and 65mpg economy.

Hot hatch fans are also in for a treat. When we asked Palmer if a hot Nismo version was planned, he told us: “It would be a perfect candidate, don’t you think?”

With around 200bhp from a 1.6-litre turbocharged engine, the car won’t have the firepower to challenge the new Ford Focus ST or Vauxhall Astra VXR, but a 0-62mph time of around seven seconds should put it close to the VW Golf GTI. An even hotter RS model is expected to follow, too, with around 230bhp.

The announcement that this car will be built in the UK is yet another success story for the Sunderland plant.

By 2014, the Leaf, Juke, Qashqai and all-new hatch will be built there, while a separate battery plant will make up to 60,000 battery packs per year. The workforce will also hit a record high of 6,225 employees.

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I have my doubts over whether Nissan will actually bring out a Golf rival as the Almera was a dud....I thought the Note/Cash-cow were meant to fill the gap?

"It won’t use the Almera name, you can be sure of that,” he said. “But it will be familiar."

So that's the Sunny or the Cherry then!

My money's on Sunny. Cherry would be too close to a certain Chinese manufacturer's name: Chery.

Nissan Revl? Nissan Currenz? Nissan Flog?

Are Nissan on the verge of relaunching the 'Stanza' name maybe? or are they going to bring back one of the names from a larger car such as the Bluebird or Laurel?

Nissan had a world-beating car in the 90's.
Outright winners of BTCC, called PRIMERA.

Britain is doing well again now this time in the Paraolimpics and it isthanks to hard work by all involved! Well done! However in spite of this tremendous work in achieving such success for Britain our authorities are not putting their monies where their mouths are!

In fact their spending of our taxes on foreign products consinues unabated! This helps place us and our industries squarely again in the midtst of a huge financial crisis as Mr Cameron & Co repeat with monotinous regularity and we must save!

But canrs like this new British built Nissan as with the others such as the Qashgai, Mondeo or Aventus etc hardly stand a chance when must police patrol cars are usually foreign built Chinese Volvos or Baverian BMWs!

Same again with our ambulances which are usually Mercedes Sprinters instead of LDV or Ford vehicle and the MoD does its bit by buying MAN trucks instead of Leyland DAF or similar!

Come on Mr Cameron - stop buying foreign and buy British!

Longbridge is right! Why do we buy foreign ploice patrol cars? They certainly do not in Germany or France!

Its also nothing to do with best tenders either because the police go often for the most expensive quotations so why are our hard earned taxes being spent buying vehicles outside the UK?

And Nissans. Fords and Toyotas are certainly suitable - they are used in other countries - can it be lobbying or favours?

You've hit the nail on the head Wellington, there must be favours in the Big Society as I'm sure the Sunderland Built Nissan or a Swindon Built Honda would make a good Patrol car. I'm surprised the Press hasnt picked up on this, or maybe they are too busy hacking phones to notice.