Nissan Resonance previews next Murano

Nissan Resonance teaser
11 Jan, 2013 10:55am Tom Phillips

Nissan has released the first teaser image of the Resonance concept

This is the first teaser image of the Nissan Resonance concept car, which will be unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show.

Described by Nissan as “the latest in a series of crossover designs from Nissan, fusing bold styling with a hybrid-electric powertrain,” it previews styling cues that will feature on the next Nissan Murano SUV.

The concept appears to continue the Murano’s tradition of featuring bold styling, with a dramatic flowing crease running along the Resonance’s body side. The concept also features a more dynamic version of the L-shaped sweeping LED tail-lights that feature on the current Nissan Juke.

The most significant styling detail is the floating roof. The design builds on the upswept C-pillar that featured on the old Murano, which had a dramatic kick in the C-pillar. However, the C-pillar on the concept doesn’t run up to the roof.

Instead, the pillar curves down, leaving a gap to the roof that floats above the steeply raked rear window.

The next Murano is not expected to be sold in the UK, as a large-engined Nissan SUV would cannibalise sales from sister brand Infiniti’s newly renamed range of QX crossovers.