Nissan X-Trail

27 Mar, 2008 10:40am

Overall Average Rating - 84.3%
Position in the Top 100 cars - 39th

The first-generation X-Trail is ageing extremely well. Although there are some black marks on the big Nissan’s scoresheet – 81st in the braking category is worrying for a family car – overall, the X-Trail is a decent all-round package, with a smooth ride, strong reliability and above-average levels of practicality.


Position in the Top 100 cars
Reliability: 24th
Build Quality: 46th
Running Costs: 53rd
Performance: 52nd
Braking: 81st
Ride Quality: 27th
Handling: 60th
Practicality: 23rd
Comfort: 20th
Ease of Driving: 57th

Manufacturer Verdict (Position - 26th)

Bad news! Nissan posts mid-table results for running costs and practicality, but falls well behind elsewhere. The Qashqai is a sales hit – let’s hope it can influence the firm’s position next year.