Nissan’s Winter Warriors take cold weather grip to another level

11 Feb, 2016 12:25pm Conrad Allum

Nissan reveals three tracked “Winter Warrior” concepts based on Pathfinder, Murano and X-Trail SUVs at the Chicago Motor Show

Having trouble battling the cold conditions this winter? You could opt for some sensible winter tyres or take the nuclear option in the shape these Winter Warrior concepts from Nissan.

The Nissan has unveiled customised Winter Warrior versions of its Pathfinder, Murano and X-Trail (Rogue in the US) SUVs which have been designed to conquer the most extreme winter weather conditions.

The transformation from stock model to ‘Warrior’ spec sees the vehicles equipped with sets of heavy-duty track systems finished with custom matte-black frames. The Dominator Tracks, designed by American Track Truck Inc, are an impressive 48 inches long, 30 inches high and 15 inches wide. They replace the vehicles’ standard wheels and tires offering genuine all-terrain potential.

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"With their solid Nissan underpinnings and exceptional ground clearance, these Winter Warriors are serious, extreme weather machines, not toys," said Christian Meunier, senior vice president of Nissan’s sales & marketing operations in North America.

The three models get their aggressive looks courtesy of Nissan Design America who have created identical, custom matte red-chrome body wraps, featuring a unique ‘track’ design and Nissan ‘Winter Warrior’ signage.

Nissan’s Winter Warriors extreme weather credentials are enhanced further with a range of the automaker’s accessories, including cargo area protectors, all-season floor matts, roof rail crossbars and rear bumper protectors. They even feature 9x9-foot hatch tents for the brave winter campers out there.

The three concepts, designed to take centre stage at the 2016 Chicago Motor Show, have been created to highlight an impressive few years for Nissan’s crossover and SUV models. In 2015, Murano sales saw a 33% increase in the US while the Rogue model (X-Trail in Europe) set an all-time record with more than 287,000 making their way on to the road.

In the UK, Nissan has enjoyed similar success with the smaller Qashqai and Juke crossovers continuing to pull in the sales. Forgoing conventional wheels for tracks will certainly be a step too far for buyers on this side of the pond though.

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