Three new Proton cars heading to the UK in 2014

27 Nov, 2013 10:50am Graham Hope

Proton Suprima S, Exora Bold MPV and Preve saloon heading to UK in 2014

Proton is planning a major relaunch in the UK with three new models set to be offered early in 2014.

Leading the charge will be the Suprima S hatchback, and will be joined by the Exora Bold MPV and Preve saloon.

The Ford Focus rivalling Suprima S was launched in Proton’s home market of Malaysia earlier this year, with a 1.6-litre 138bhp turbo engine.

It was initially offered with a seven-speed CVT gearbox, but according to respected Malaysian website, a six-speed manual will also be available in the UK. The power output is likely to remain unchanged.

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The Suprima S on sale in Malaysia delivers a 0-62mph time of 9.9 seconds and promises 35mpg. It was benchmarked against the Focus, VW Golf, Peugeot 308 and Mazda 3 during its development.

The Proton UK website is highlighting the relaunch, with both the MPV and saloon featuring prominently on its home page.

Both models are also fitted with the 1.6 turbo in Malaysia.

Proton sells a limited range through its UK dealer network at present, with only the Gen-2, Savvy, Satria Neo and Ecologic on offer.

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Hi there, I believe there is a small misunderstanding in the second paragraph. The Suprima S hatch was launched in August 2013, not last year. It's sister car however, the Prevé sedan, did launch in April last year. Although both cars look identical, bar the rear end, the Suprima S hatch is a very different car in its own right. It has further improved on the Prevé's formula in terms of NVH refinement, reliability, safety, standard kit and overall performance. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the launch of both cars in Britain. :]

This looks quite nice. They just need to price it realistically.

I'm not sure that Ford see it as a Focus rival.

so funny you see proton suprima S as ford rival... really!?!? are you serious!?!?

Agreed. That is what I'm most worried about. If all goes well, it should be priced between 11 and 12,000 pounds for the 6-spd manual. The base line CVT should be an extra 1,000 pounds. The top line CVT should be around 15k.

35mpg isn't going to cut it. Next?

Maybe not a Ford rival per se but there is definitely space on the market for a genuine budget car. Since Hyundai and Kia went all mainstream there is a lack of genuinely cheap cars for people on a tight budget. If you need something bigger than a Dacia Sandero but for not much money where else do you go? Proton could do well if they get the pricing right

Wow, I can't believe Auto Express corrected that small detail, and even took the liberty to expand the article too, you guys are awesome ! :D

The MPV looks like a last gen Astra

That MPV looks ungainly - reminds me of an old Kia Carens. The saloon and hatch models look good though.

so true

Go to youtube for reviews on this car (Suprima S ) and you will find the quality is still poor and the fuel consumption terrible. The low cost will not make up for the extra fuel you will have to buy. Come on Dacia here's a gap for you to fill.