New Renault Twingo 2014 arrives in Geneva

4 Mar, 2014 10:20am Steve Walker

New Renault Twingo has been revealed at the Geneva Motor Show 2014

The new 2014 Renault Twingo has officially emerged today at the Geneva show. City cars are taking over the Geneva Motor Show in 2014, and Renault is leading the charge with its striking all-new Twingo.

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Developed alongside Mercedes’ new Smart ForFour, the production Twingo has kept many of the retro design cues from the brilliant Twin’Run concept. The flat new face, wide rear arches and tiny overhangs are all nods to the Renault 5, and hint at the Twingo’s unique layout.

As previously rumoured, the new engine will be mounted under the boot, driving the rear wheels, which Renault says has freed up passenger space inside the cabin and boosted its manoeuvrability.

Although the company is keeping the engine line-up a secret until the show, it is likely that the Twingo will get a pair of three-cylinder petrol engines, possibly the 900cc turbocharged TCe unit from the Renault Clio, which in that car produces a decent 90bhp and 135Nm of torque.

Renault Twingo reveal

Renault Twingo specs

At the back the one-piece glass tailgate encompasses the rear light clusters, and there will be a wide range of personalisation for customers to choose from, including alloy wheels, mirror caps interior trim, plus the sporty sticker decals you can see in our pictures.

Despite being more compact that its predecessor, the new Twingo will be available as a five-door, and in the top-down view you can make out a version with a retractable fabric roof similar to the Fiat 500C and Citroen DS3 Cabrio.

The rear door handles are neatly hidden in the window frames, just like the Clio, and Renault claims the new architecture means that the Twingo will have the kind of roomy interior normally found in cars from the class above. As yet there are no official stats for performance, but to keep Twingo competitive it is likely to return close to 70mpg, and dip well below the 100g/km mark for CO2.

It is likely to use the R-link touchscreen infotainment system from the Clio, which allows for a high level of smartphone connectivity, and includes sat-nav and media apps.

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So disappointed with this. I loved the Twin-Run concept and although it was never going to be identical, this production model looks a little too narrow in the pictures for my liking. I was hoping for a meaner looking city car but looks a bit like we have another i10 or Citigo in reality.

Everything from the five door only layout to the naff tail lights disappoint compared to the brilliant concept. It's not an offensive looking car by any means but was hoping for more.

Still, I'll see what it's like in the flesh and in a sportier trim level.

I like it. It is slightly more understated than the twin-run but is miles better than the Peugeot 108, although with the Twingo ypu definitely need a sidestripe to accentuate the shoulder. Otherwise it will be too subtle.

I like the New Renault that has been revealed online

Isn't it a FIAT 500 in disguise?

I thought the exact same thing when I first saw it.

This is no longer the basic car that Renault built all those years ago and the bling packs I expect to follow will make this a very expensive toy car.
Hope the shut lines will be better on the production cares.

Times must be bad an Renault when they have to copy Fiat.

A disgrace that they should plagiarise the lines of the FIAT 500 so blatantly. Surely they could show some originality? What's going on inside Renault? Having said that it looks cute and the drivetrain could be interesting - or the car's downfall. I just wish it looked different!

what a lovely little car! refreshing!

Way back in the 90s I saw Twingos in Paris, the first version that was not sold in the UK, it was very original and different looking. Seems Renault have moved it up to a more expensive price bracket and are doing the basic car thing with Dacia now.

Cute little car!

Are you people blind? The front end is a neatened up version of the (ugly) outgoing twingo and the rear bears a bigger resemblance to the renault 5, than the 500.

This is a neat looking car, though its a shame its 5 door only. Other manufacturers, such as the VW group and PSA are still introducing 3 and 5 door versions of their small cars so there must be a market for them. The 5 door versions always look rather staid to me.

The five doors are a really big mistake! My car is a Citroen C2 VTS and I may well have been interested in a Sport/Turbo/Gordini type version of this new Twingo, but never with five doors. Normally you don't buy this size car if you have regular rear seat passengers, and if there are only people at the front the much bigger doors of the three-door cars are much more practical and comfortable. The two side doors of a car this short have to be very narrow, making the aperture for getting in the front restricted. In nine years I have only had rear seat passengers on two occasions! Surely Renault will lose a big share of the possible market?

A great small car!

rear wheel drive... sweet, it would ride like gocart....

Outragous Fiat 500 Clone ( I bet they have their lawyers on the case as I type) with "inovative" 50 year old Hillman Imp transaxle drivetrain