New Skoda Superb takes shape

Skoda Superb 2015
Credits: Larson
11 Dec, 2013 3:15pm Jack Rix

An all-new Skoda Superb is on the way, with a smarter look

We’ve always been huge fans of the Skoda Superb, but it’s never been the most stylish model on the road.

However, when the all-new third-generation car arrives in mid-2015, it should be much easier on the eye – as our exclusive image reveals.

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Skoda’s designers are believed to have gone down a more ‘sculptural’ route, with strong bulges and creases in the bonnet, a much stronger shoulderline along the length of the profile and a slightly lower and wider stance.

Our image shows the saloon model, which is expected to ditch the heavy and expensive dual-opening boot. An estate version will also be offered.

Based on the same MQB platform as the new VW Passat, but with a slightly longer wheelbase, the new Superb will feature even more interior space than the outgoing model.

At the top of the range, the thirsty 3.6-litre V6 will be killed off, although four-wheel drive will still be offered as an option on the higher-powered four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines.

Skoda says no hybrid models are in the product plan, either, for the time being at least.

Skoda’s future line-up revealed

With plans to sell 1.5 million cars a year by 2018, Skoda has a host of new models on the way.

The first new model to be released will be the next Skoda Fabia, due in late 2014. The new Fabia is set to be the most distinctive modern Skoda yet, with a wide front grille, angular headlights and LED tail-lamps – but there won’t be a sporty vRS version.

The sleek Skoda Octavia Coupe will be next to come out, due in early 2015. The Octavia’s conservative styling will be reinterpreted into something much sharper for this new coupe.

In mid-2015 we should see the new Skoda Superb (above), followed by a new SUV city car. In early 2016 a larger SUV called the Snowman is expected, and finally in late 2016 we can expect to see the all-new Skoda Yeti.

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Please bring this out, current Skodas are brilliant allround cars, but do need better visual appeal.

We're all looking at the same car here aren't we? The 'exclusive image' just shows a dull as dishwater skoda.

looking good.
i will start saving. Had my eye on the upcoming honda accord, but this will do nicely.

Yes, we are. The current Superb is a great car and looks fine, but this looks brilliant. What's the betting if AE had said this is the new BMW 3 Series, you'd be creaming your trolling pants!

I can see a lot of taxi drivers drooling over the next Superb. Since the facelift, i find the current one to be ugly where as before it was good looking all be it in a conservative way. Saying that, I'd buy one over a Passat any day of the week.

Agreed, its all very German. The grille seems to have been ripped from BMW (never a good start!) and just joined together in the middle and aren't those lights from the VW concept shown earlier? Then the flanks are very much Audi.

I hope this is just one of AE's poor mock ups.

Being a proud owner of Superb, Skoda's are built from the inside rather exterior design driven like many manufacturers these days where you have the showroom appeal but when you live with them, you tend to experience loads of issues in terms of usability, practicality, reliability etc. We spend more time in the car and therefore the inner beauty of the car is vital and that's where Skoda do a wonderful job with their executions. The interior dimensions in Superb are simply amazing and I wonder how they achieve those numbers. In order to achieve those excellent dimensions, the car's exterior appearance has been compromised I believe. It will be very interesting to see what will be their approach for the next gen Superb. The picture posted here is a photoshop btw! Skoda's may share the platform but when you look at the interior dimensions and numbers, they are miles better than VW's! How do they do it? Well done, Skoda. Honestly, the dealers need to do a better job as I haven't had good experiences with them so far which is pretty frustrating considering Skoda finishing on top in Customer Survey etc.

Sensible comment, you can't be a regular here.

Totally agree. Love my 2012 Superb; but the facelifted 2013 model looks like a Kia from the front end. Bad move Skoda. Hope the proposed 2015 model is a sight better.