Subaru BRZ STi pictures

5 Aug, 2013 12:00pm Jonathan Burn

A teaser image of the high-performance Subaru BRZ STi has been leaked

A selection of teaser images of the long-awaited, higher-performance Subaru BRZ STi have emerged. The images were posted on the Japanese website of Subaru's STi brand over the weekend. 

The images include a close-up of the car's deeper front bumper that now bears a pink STi badge, an STi-branded strake in the air vent in the BRZ's front wing, and a shot of a winding road with the words 'purity of handling' written on it.

Subaru hasn’t disclosed any performance data or specific details about the BRZ STi but the car is expected to feature more aggressive styling, larger STi brakes, modified side-skirts, a revised front grille and larger rear wing.

The powertrain the new range-topping model will use, however, is still being disputed. At the launch of the standard BRZ, Subaru told Auto Express that the STi would not feature a turbocharged engine due to limited space in the engine bay. Instead, a revised intake system, freer-flowing exhaust and modifications to the engine’s variable valve control system, along with an increased 7,500rpm rev limit, would take power up to around 250bhp.

However, the turbocharging issue hasn't proved a problem for a host of independent tuning companies that have launched turbo and supercharger kits for the BRZ and its sister car, the Toyota GT 86.

In addition, Subaru has recently launched the new Forester Turbo. This car is already fitted with a turbocharged version of the BRZ's engine, with the turbo fitted beneath the block, which could get around the problem of limited engine bay space.

As well as the power increase, the BRZ STi is also set to shed some weight thanks to racing bucket seats and a potential carbon fibre roof and bonnet, bringing it below the 1,250kg weight of the standard car. Stiffer and lower suspension, and lighter but larger 18-inch alloy wheels will set it apart from the standard car, too.

We expect the Subaru BRZ STi to cost in excess of £30,000. 

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No turbo because of limited space in the engine compartment? Are you kidding? Who are the trying to bamboozle? The boys this side of the world have both the BRZ and GT86 turbocharged and turning up some indecent 700+ HP. Better Subaru tell us something else such as, we simply wish to ignore customer demand as this may outsell our premium brand, the WRX. In addition to all of this, the ECU is considerably easier to reprogramme than most encountered. The aftermarket parts world providing these kits will continue to strive.

I would say that for the meantime Subaru will provide a higher powered naturally aspirated engine for the BRZ STi and leave the supercharging & turbo charging to the after-market companies.
It will be with their new WRX/STi sedan that they will initially concentrate their turbo charging technologies to. This technology may see the introduction of the world's first "electric driven turbo", along with an "exhaust driven turbo".
Looking forward to see what the Tokyo Car Show in November may reveal with the BRZ STi and WRX/STi.

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