Subaru kills off WRX STi and Impreza in UK

Subaru WRX STI
14 Dec, 2012 1:37pm Tom Phillips

Subaru WRX STi and Impreza UK sales will end in UK from 2013

The Subaru WRX STi and Subaru Impreza will cease to be a feature on UK’s roads from next year. While an all-new Impreza was launched in Japan and the US last year, a spokesman for the brand confirmed that there isn’t enough demand for cars like the Impreza in the UK, so the new model will not be added to the UK line-up.

He said: “The new Impreza has been under evaluation in the UK for 12 months, but the decision has been taken not to bring that car to the UK because of insufficient demand.”

The decision also means the end of the line for the WRX STi. Subaru split the Impreza and WRX STi nameplates into two separate models in 2007, when the third generation Impreza arrived, and demand has dwindled as the performance model can no longer compete with more modern rivals in terms of design, interior quality, performance and emissions.

The spokesman said: “Currently we have no plans to bring in further [WRX STI] stock after the current stock sells out – which should takes us to early summer depending on demand.”

Instead, Subaru will focus its UK efforts on its XV, new Forester and Outback SUV models: “Subaru is concentrating on what it’s really good at – so we’re concentrating on SUVs and the BRZ – we’re hoping to get more [BRZs] next year to satisfy strong demand for that car.”

He added that he “could not confirm what happens to the Legacy after the end of 2013”.

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Well that sucks.. I was sort of looking forward to the next Impreza model.

Another car company adding 2 and 2 and coming up with 5. The reason that the Impreza hasn't been selling well in the UK is because the most recent version is hideous.

If they created a modern version of the earlier versions of the Impreza then I'm sure they'd sell much better.

I for one like to old ones and had waited to the newer one to come out with a plan to buy one, but when it did come out it was so horrible that there was no way I'd buy it, and I believe thats the general opinion, not just mine.

Very bad move by Subaru UK I think. Like 'Cakemaker' I was looking forward to the next generation model of Impreza. As a former Impreza owner a few years ago, I may have been interested in the new one. The current model may have been a bit dissapointing, yet under the skin it was classic Subaru. And to make matters even worse they're killing off the STi, which was one of the most exciting drivers cars regardless of money. And what about the Legacy? Not all of us want SUV's! I wonder if this is the kiss of death for Subaru in the UK. Still, there's always the option of by-passing Subaru UK and going down the JDM import route...

Well Subaru the reason for the decline in demand is because the current Impreza and Legacy are disappointing, as an ex owner of the previous Legacy sports tourer, I was looking forward to replacing it with the current generation, until it came out, and I bought a Volvo V70 instead, I was praying after the BRZ the next Legacy would get its mojo back, clearly it wont if there is one. They lost the plot when they got into bed with GM and have never recovered.

If they didn't produce so many ugly cars they might have had more sales.

The reason it's not selling is 15MPG. I like the car but it's not in the real world

Yet another Japanese firm being measured for its coffin. Will it be buried next to Mitsubishi or Suzuki?

Sad demise
Kind of hurts to hear the demise of a great machine.
WRX STi is impressive for its raw power, grip and performance. Like all Subarus it is almost industructible too. However it's let down by incredibly high running costs, poor mpg and super-car emissions.

So Subaru will now sell... very few vehicles in the UK!

I dare say the results of our capitalist society, ludicrous petrol prices, but if you aren't going to sell enough of a product to warrant the costs involved, as a business your never going to take the risk. Would have been nice to see but oh well, this time next year we may be at £1.80 a litre anyway.
I see plenty of new BMW's for the same price as a Scooby, but they all give better MPG.

Sales in the USA are doing great (according to Fortune magazine). Its our market is too small for a maker to have 2 "sporty" models, and the one they share with Toyota is likely to be the main seller. They ruined their WTi cars with the bug eyed model and that left them in a very niche market from then on

I had one of the original Impreza Turbo 5drs. It was a great family performance car, if a little odd-looking. When the new model came out it was smaller and even uglier. Nothing has improved since. Yes the fuel economy and emissions are an issue but I think the main problem is people don't want to drive ugly and dated cars -- the later WRXes were one-trick ponies. Sadly the new Forester is no better than the old ones either, and is bigger/uglier too. Subaru can't keep producing wilfully ugly cars and then blaming the marketplace for not buying them :).

Well, that's the end of Subaru in the UK then in a very few years. This marque depends on the glitz provided by the performance versions and the disastrous remodelling of the 2005 Outback to produce the current version does not bode well for the future either.

I'd like to think so, too. However Subaru posted record sales in 2012. The UK "enthusiast" market is somewhat marginal...

Sad news but expected with the current crop of ugly soulless imprezas, Having owned a version 5 sti type r and a 2000 model prodrive special I was looking forward to the new generation but all subaru did was bring out uglier, thirstier and more expensive cars that ruined a cult classic. Someone's head at subaru should roll for ruining an icon

"Instead, Subaru will focus its UK efforts on its XV, new Forester and Outback SUV models"

And they wonder why they're not selling any cars, market is already well over saturated with dull generic SUVs that cost a lot less to buy and run

The car is being discontinued in UK, not the rest of the World. Sales is still strong in USA, Japan, and a lot of other countries. Remember that it wasn't until the Mitsubishi Evo 8 came out that Australia got the car. It was the same thing for the Skyline GTR, although there are so many in the UK, it wasn't dealer imported until the GTR R35 came out recently. So WRX/STi fans will have to buy the cars directly from Japan instead where they do pass emission tests which are as stringent as UK. For those who think this car is ugly, remember that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Well I had 2 STi blob eyes and test drove the new 5 door Impreza when it came out and it's nothing like the previous cars. No feel to the steering and the general drive is vague. It is not a patch on the older saloons.

Every manufacturer is killing off their D and C segment models to concentrate on building SUVs.

UK car buyers are obsessed with buying SUVs, car makers will just go where the revenue is.

Already Subaru quietly killed off the Legacy saloon, positioning the estate as a mini-SUV, they aren't the only ones.

Toyota have killed off the Avensis saloon, Honda are axing the Accord, Nissan ditched the Primera, Renault wont sell Lagunas, Citroen aren't selling he slow-selling C6 and the axe is hovering over the C5 as the DS range is their focus.

Great shame, but it's hard to have sympathy for self-inflicted wounds. I had a 2011 WRX until my back cried stop earlier this year. It wasn't a patch on the one I bought in 1998 - shocking understeer on/anywhere near the limit and the same rubbish interior plastics. In fairness, the strength of the Japanese Yen has made it almost impossible for Subaru to compete in Europe - but a decent product would help! The end is nigh.

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The car "culture" gap between UK/Europe and Japan/US seems to be getting wider. And it's an increasingly difficult job to bridge this divide with the relatively modest resources at Subaru's disposal, whilst at the same time having to compensate for the disastrous strength of the yen.
Although it looks as though the yen is finally on a downward, and therefore competitive, path.
No one outside of Fuji knows where Subaru are going to take the new WRX, but the noise in the Japanese press is that it'll be downsized with a 1.6l turbo. The 2l is considered too big and too thirsty for Europe. Could be fun if they get it right.
My guess is that the 2014 new Legacy will most likely be an uglified "Advanced Tourer Concept" hybrid bodge.
With a little luck Subaru will stick the 2l DiT engine/transmission in the Exiga very soon; my 08 Legacy GT is getting any bigger and we will have more hungry mouths to move around next year...

I own a UK 08 STI 5 door, it's fun, safe, goes shopping, goes to work, both as slow or as rapid as the speed limits or weather dictate, 30mpg I get, it's not necessary to use 300bhp all the time. So what's wrong with sales, in my personal opinion, the Dealers and Importer, I think it's Subaru's fault, if you don't have a dealer network where you can buy new, trade-in, get good servicing and customer support then there's only so long that you are going to be prepared to travel to try and find it, yes try and find it, coz I don't have a lot of luck in East Anglia and I bet it is no better elsewhere ? It's not the car it's the business model, or something more fundamental. Let me give you an example, I needed a new driver's wiper at last service, do you stock it, no; can I have original equipment pads put back on please instead of the alternatives you fitted last time, I used to miss rabbits and hares, now I don't and it is upsetting me, sorry sir, any contact from dealer after moaning, no. I am not going to drive 50 miles for a wiper ! I was waiting for a paddle-shift STI to come out, saving my £30k for that, now I am going to have to spend it elsewhere or keep the old one which isn't a problem, 60,000 totally trouble-free miles. If I was Subaru, I would spend a bit of time talking to STI owners and find out what will get them spending their £30k next time around, bit late now though. Leave me a number Mr Scooby and I'll call you.

The XV SUV is the Impreza replacement.

I agree, not all of us want SUVs. But SUVs are what sells, and car makers are replacing their C/D/E segment saloons with the things.

This is wrong bring back the wrx's and sti's to the uk they are the only cars I love and go for and Brilliant For The Snow I Own A 04 STI And I Want A New Model STI So Please Un-Band STI's In UK