20. Toyota Corolla: A car to be proud of

19 Dec, 2012 10:11am

The ad

In a posh lounge, a group of men sits – slightly uncomfortably – on a sofa across from a group of glamorous women. One of the ladies picks a set of car keys out of a bowl, a guy stands up, kisses her hand and leads her upstairs with a jealous wife looking on. It’s clearly a swingers’ party. But the next woman to pick a set of keys is, well, less glamorous than her peers. From the expression on the men’s faces, it’s clear none of them wants to be picked this time. Still, when the woman holds up a set of keys, they all stand up. The punch line reads: “Corolla. A car to be proud of.”

The expert view

“Simply funny. When you first watch it, you can’t see the gag coming, and lots of joke ads wear thin – this one doesn’t, with great performances.”