Toyota Hybrid-R concept picture released

Toyota Hybrid-R concept
13 Aug, 2013 9:00am Luke Madden

New Toyota Hybrid-R to be a Le Mans-powered Yaris-based concept for the Frankfurt Motor Show

The Toyota Hybrid-R has been revealed to be a Yaris-based concept car using Toyota's Le Mans technology to produce more than 400bhp. The Japanese manufacturer has just released this gloomy teaser, revealing a few hints about the styling, including the Yaris-inspired front end. 

Toyota told us that the Hybrid-R uses the same super-capacitor technology and electric motor set-up as Toyota’s TS030 Le Mans car. But while that racing prototype pairs a 523bhp 3.4-litre V8 with an extra 300bhp from the super-capacitor. Toyota says the Hybrid-R uses a “low-capacity, high-power internal combustion engine" in place of the V8. 

The Hybrid-R isn't destined for production but an insider confirmed that this supercacitor technology is one of the many ways that Toyota is exploring for adding a little extra performance to its GT86 sports car. 

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I story about a badge - with no other details.... wow

I like the released Toyota Hybrid-R concept picture

Sounds like a mess, hybrid and an "R".... It also looks a mess. Oh and it's a very lazy teaser picture with the photoshopped vignetting.

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