Toyota Supra concept for Detroit Motor Show

Supra FT-HS
18 Dec, 2013 3:48pm Jonathan Burn

A performance concept from Toyota will be unveiled at Detroit, previewing a possible successor to the Supra

Rumours of a replacement for the Toyota Supra have been circulating for some time now but the Japanese manufacturer has announced there’ll be ‘some form of performance concept at Detroit.’

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The idea of a successor to the Supra was first floated with Toyota FT-HS at the Detroit Motor Show back in 2007, although the car never made it into production.

We are yet to see any images of Toyota’s latest concept but the brands California-based CLATY design studio has “had a hand in its design”, an insider from the manufacturer revealed. Toyota has also been tight-lipped about the powertrain but Internet rumours suggest a high-performance hybrid system is likely.

Earlier in the year Toyota signed an agreement with BMW, which would see the two manufacturers team up and develop new sports car architecture and hybrid technology. This rear-wheel drive coupe is expected to be the first sign of things to come from the tie up.

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The thing I like about Toyota, is that there is every possibility that this will actually make it into production!

This is not some announcement of an "emotional new design language" that sees some vaguely similar headlights onto the front of a crossover SUV.

They have the architecture and currently the will to make such a vehicle.

The last Supra was ahead of it's time, I'm looking forward to the replacement!

This ride looks like origami gone wrong after one too many...