Toyota FCV could be used to power a house

7 Jan, 2014 3:08pm Jonathan Burn

Toyota showcases FCV fuel cell concept at the CES in Las Vegas, claiming it could be used to power a house

Toyota has once again showcased a near production-ready of the Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) concept, this time at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

At the event, the Japanese manufacturer was demonstrating the car's potential as a back-up domestic power source, which could be used to fuel homes in the event of power cuts.

The FCV is powered by a compact fuel cell stack and features a pair of high-pressure hydrogen tanks. Toyota claims power to be in the region of 135bhp and with a full tank of hydrogen it will have enough energy to power a regular home for a week.

Engineers are also working on an external power supply device that will allow for a quick and easy connection for domestic use.

The primary use for the vehicle, however, remains its ability to carry four passengers with the only tailpipe emissions being water vapour. Toyota claims the FCV has a range of 300 miles on a full tank of hydrogen and can be filled as quickly and as safely as a conventionally powered car for a fraction of the price.

Yet, fuelling the FCV remains the biggest challenge. An infrastructure has yet to be put in place for hydrogen powered vehicles but with the first batch of FCVs due in the UK as early as next year, hydrogen refuelling stations along major routes such as the M1 and the M4 will begin to emerge.

Toyota is still yet to reveal how much the FCV will officially cost or how many will be made available in the UK, but expect numbers to be limited and a price tag in excess of £50,000.