Toyota plans its own BMW Z4

31 Jan, 2014 10:55am Peter Lyon

Toyota is set to produce its own version of the BMW Z4

The next-generation BMW Z4 is being co-developed with Toyota, and the Japanese firm will also produce its own version of the car, according to sources inside the company.

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BMW and Toyota met last year to discuss materials, powertrains and styling, and the coupe you see here is one suggested design direction, although it’s early days for a car that will launch in 2017.

The new coupe will employ a front-engine, rear-drive layout, following on from the current Z4. And our insider claims it will have a lightweight focus.

He said: “This car will use the same lightweight body construction as the i3 and i8.” That means lots of carbon fibre and aluminium in a model which will incorporate basic body and chassis design by BMW.

“And even with that type of construction, you can expect a price around the same as that of the current Z4,” added our source.

Toyota will contribute its next- generation plug-in hybrid tech, incorporating a capacitor like in the TS030 Le Mans car and the Yaris Hybrid R Concept.

Lithium-ion batteries should ensure a long-distance electric range, while the capacitor is for an instant electric boost.

One insider compared it with fitting a turbocharger. The engine is likely to come from BMW, and our source told us: “For this car, the potential for an engine that is no bigger than a 2.0-litre is very high.”

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This Toyota/BMW joint venture puzzles me somewhat in that I can't help but think BMW are the winners here gaining access to Toyota's crown jewels: Hybrid development and Carbon Fibre experience developed while creating the Lexus LFA. In return, Toyota gets uninspiring rattly old 4 cylinder Diesels that they are apparently not permitted to install into Lexus models (go figure). I know BMW's strengths are in making good chassis, but Toyota isn't exactly weak in this respect - GT86, LFA, etc

Still, with the general strengths of both, it should (on paper at least) be a great car.

Why would Toyota want to put a sheight BMW engine into a Lexus when they already have superior power plants.

I can't imagine any sensible person buying a BMW version of the same car when Toyota are selling them too. GT86 sales are currently crushing BRZ sales.

Maybe I'm mistaken, but I believe there is some sort of deal between Subaru and Toyota stipulating that only one BRZ may be produced for every 10 GT86.

Because the previous attempt at a diesel was poor in comparison to the equivalent BMW unit

Yes, and the actual sale ratio is even greater.

??? You mean the "uninspiring rattly old 4 cylinder Diesels "

This is not a diesel type of car. That's not to say it can't have a diesel, but you would think that this style of car would better suit a revvy engine.

I'd be surprised if that was the case... restrictive practices and all that... think the EU would investigate such a deal. But then, you never know.

Well if the chassis is BMW there will be no worries that it will feel like a Toyota.

I can't see any benefit Toyota would get from this. I think bad idea Toyota.

All based on the m47r developed by the rover group. All later diesel engines based on the m47r common rail engine. Later versions problomatic; including swirl flaps that fall into the engine and destroy the engine and fire parts through the turbo. Problems related to the timing chain located at back of engine. Do a web search.

and if the engine is BMW there will be no worries that it will be unreliable.