Toyota reveals wireless charging tech

13 Feb, 2014 5:00pm Jonathan Burn

Toyota will begin testing its latest wireless charging technology in Japan

Toyota has announced plans to begin testing on its latest wireless charging technology, which could be introduced to all electric and plug-in Toyota models in the future. Initial specifications reveal a full charge will take around 90 minutes.

The advanced system works thanks to a coil set into the surface of a parking space. When a car with an electric powertrain is parked above the coil, it transmits electricity using magnetic resonance, which is then received by the coil fitted in the car. The system is also optimised so that no energy is wasted if the coils are not precisely lined up. However, a parking assist system is also being developed which will show drivers the exact location of the coil.

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Toyota confirmed the system is being developed with a future market in mind and measures have also been taken to minimise any electromagnetic interference with nearby equipment.

Tests on the system are being carried out at three plug-in hybrid used homes in Japan. Toyota will asses the ease of use, customer satisfaction and how effective the system is to help the development of the technology.