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22 Oct, 2012 11:42am Jack Rix

VW bosses have revealed more details on plans to introduce a Dacia-rivalling budget brand

Volkswagen has confirmed that it is actively investigating a possible budget sub-brand to rival the Renault-owned  Dacia.

"We are always looking for new segments in global markets, we can now see a lower segment with potential," said Dr Ulrich Hackenberg, VW's head of product development, at the Sao Paulo Motor Show. "We can see a new segment coming. We currently produce cars in China that cost around 8,000 Euro, but there is space for cars costing around 6,000 Euro."

Hackenberg ruled out transforming one of the VW Group's existing brands into a budget brand: "It won't be SEAT or any of the other brands, this is something new."

Although the desire and technology are clearly there, the project is still in its infancy: "We are still at the phase of calculating and evaluating," Hackenberg revealed. "It makes sense to use existing technology that's already been invested in so it's easy to share costs with existing models."

When we asked Hackenberg if he was surprised by Dacia's success, he said: "I'm not surprised, but we're watching them carefully. They aren't in big markets like China and Europe yet, so there's still a lot of space for us."

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Ingenious idea for Volkwagen to sell some cheap cars for the people. Oh wait, haven't they done that in the 1930s? So now a budget brand within a budget brand? Genius.

emmm don't they own skoda?

Skoda are no longer a budget brand, they are seen as a genuine, and more often better alternative to their equivalent VW cousins, on quality and merit, but for a slightly lower price. They'd be best re-inventing SEAT as their budget brand seeing as Skoda outsell them by half a million cars a year!

I'm sure whatever Volkswagen do people will buy it. I bet the man with the little moustache would have been proud!

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