SEAT and Skoda to get small SUVs

VW Taigun
22 Oct, 2012 3:42pm Jack Rix

VW Taigun could form the basis for small SUVs from SEAT and Skoda

Just as the up! city car appeared as a VW-badged concept first before spawning the SEAT Mii and Skoda Citigo, the new Taigun concept could form the basis for SEAT and Skoda small SUVs. Based on a stretched version of the up!’s new small car family platform, you can read full details on the Taigun here.

“First we need to learn if this concept makes sense in the real world. If the reaction is positive we will realise it, and if we realise it it would make sense to synergise with other brands,” Dr Urich Hackenberg, VW’s head of product development, told us.

As the Taigun shares most of its mechanicals - including its three-cylinder petrol engine, seats, electrical architecture and chassis – with the up!, which in turn is virtually identical mechanically to the Mii and Citigo, it would be a simple transition to spread the costs of this new small SUV over the three brands.

A production version of the Taigun is still a few years off, though. Hackenberg told us that if he pushed the green button on the project today, it would take around two years before the public was able to buy one.

But judging by the overwhelmingly positive reaction from showgoers in Sao Paulo, it can’t be long before VW bosses give it the go-ahead.

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They could have tried harder to give it a better name ...or maybe a dyslexic engineer referring to the Tiguan?

the group should change it's name from VW to VU, as in very ugly!

Deeply ugly, though the headlights reminded me somewhat of the SEAT Tribu concept car. Agree with Norwich Wallaby that it has a stupid name!

I really dont understand how VW are trying to separate SEAT from Skoda. VW are trying their premium excuse with SEAT, yet bringing out same again models in each brand is just plain confusing. SEAT should get this design as they already showed a small 4x4 concept many years ago. Skoda already have their Yeti - that's enough, surely?

I like. Pity theres gonna be no 4x4 version. A competitor to the Jimny maybe??