Safe and sound in a Volkswagen CC

27 Mar, 2014 3:00pm

Find out why a Volkswagen CC is such a quiet car to travel in

Sound is crucial in a car, be it music coming from the Fender sound system in the Beetle or the rasp of the Golf GTI’s exhaust.
For the most part though, keeping sounds to a minimum is the name of the game. And few cars are as serene to travel in as the Volkswagen CC. It’s fitted with a raft of sound absorbing materials to help cocoon you from the outside world and isolate you from annoying noises.
But what are the most annoying noises? Watch our video to find out…

Discover more about the benefits of Volkswagen engineering.


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Bull***t. Take that car to the M4, go up to 80mph and hear the road noise coming through the wheel housing. furthermore, give it 4 years & 90k miles and see how quiet it is.
If you want a proper sound-eliminating car, that'll continue to do its job for years to come then you'll need to get an S-class, a Rolls or a Lexus LS

Do you really need to point out this is advertised? It's pretty obvious your whole site/magazine is advertisement for VAG

So now you can no longer hear that parent shouting, 'please stop your car and don't run over my child' then.... and splat.! Quiet is good to a point, but its a sense you need to have available to you too.

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