Volkswagen Scirocco facelift brings fresh face and new kit

7 Feb, 2014 2:25pm Luke Madden

Our exclusive image shows how the new Volkswagen Scirocco coupe, which will be updated this year, will look

A facelift for the Volkswagen Scirocco coupe is in the works, but as with the recently updated Polo, the big changes will come under the skin.

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As our exclusive image reveals, VW will stick closely to the stylish shape first introduced in 2008, with subtle updates to the grille and headlights. The Scirocco is still one of the best-looking cars in the line-up, so there’s no sense in alienating potential buyers with a radical redesign.

The facelift will no doubt increase the car’s appeal, though, with cleaner engines, new tech, a smarter interior and some subtle chassis tweaks.

Scirocco sales were down from 7,538 in 2009 to 5,029 in 2013, but by fitting the new 1.4 TSI ACT petrol and 2.0 TDI diesel engines from the MkVII Golf, VW will be able to slash running costs and boost performance. Expect nearly 60mpg from the cleanest petrol and 70mpg for the new 2.0 TDI, with both claiming modest power hikes over the outgoing Scirocco range.

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VW had axed the Scirocco R as its engine didn’t meet Euro VI emissions rules, but the flagship will be revived, using the latest Golf R’s 296bhp 2.0 TSI.

Expect a redesigned interior with top-quality switchgear, steering wheel and dials from the latest Golf, plus tech like adaptive cruise control and autobrake.

A new slicker infotainment system will feature, offering swiping smartphone-style gesture control and a MirrorLink system, which in theory lets you use any smartphone app via your in-car screen.

The revised Scirocco is likely to debut at next month’s Geneva Motor Show and go on sale towards the end of the year, with prices from around £20,000.

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A tad unkind I think. As one who is normally underwhelmed by VW "styling" this model has been the exception although it is a shape that seems very colour sensitive. However I think AE were inadvertently rude about this manufacturer's customer base when they talked about alienating potential buyers with a radical redesign. In other words cars for the stolid citizen!

Usual tedious VAG. A Golf/Octavia trying to look like a sports coupe.

"A tad unkind I think"/

Yes, but only a tad.

Um, Autoexpress, stop tricking people with your homemade-renderings....

The previous redesigned Scirocco was ugly & this is no better and it looks like a squashed toad.

Mr T, you're just as tedious as all you can say is the same boring rhetoric.

Might be me but aren't some of the comments here a bit odd? I thought VW was one of the best selling brands in the world. By that i mean alot of people obviously like this car? It's a more stylish version of the golf. Their performance models are right up there with m3's. That's not really a bad thing.

Some people are just VAG haters. They hate them because they're so successful & produce quality vehicles with good residuals and generally handle very well.

Anyone want to start a BMW hater thread. ;-)

So successful in what way? Sales? There are better handling and more reliable vehicles out there. They may be popular but then so are a lot of things like Aldis, Lidl etc....And on BMW, at least their models are interesting to look at driver focussed from behind the wheel.

And tell us what you drive... And be HONEST, not that you're ever likely to be.