16 Jan, 2007 (All day) James Stanbury

An anti-mist product is the best way to beat the condensation on your car’s windscreen. But which one?

Even in these days of in-car air-conditioning, misted glass can still cause problems for drivers. Get into a dry vehicle when wearing rain-soaked clothes, and condensation will soon be blocking your view.

What’s more, even the most efficient air-con and screen heater systems will take a few frustrating minutes to shift the mist before you can safely drive off.

For fast getaways, anti-mists are difficult to beat. These chemical formulae don’t stop the condensation forming in the first place, but they make the glass super-smooth so you can still see through it. And, once you have applied the anti-mist, it ensures that whatever condensation is left on the screen evaporates much more quickly than it otherwise would. We tested seven of the best to name our top pick...


Comma’s Fog Clear Gel and Rain-X’s Anti-Fog have to be seen to be believed. No matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t make glass treated with either steam up.

But the Fog Clear won as it’s easier to apply and goes further. The Anti-Fog came second. Farécla’s Smart Anti Mist is the most durable anti-mist, and we liked the built-in glass cleaner.

1. Comma ProVision Fog Clear Gel
2. Rain-X Anti-Fog
3. Farécla Smart Anti Mist