Hands-free mobile kits

23 Jan, 2007 (All day)

Sales of hands-free mobile kits are experiencing a new boom. We look at 12 top units which are worth considering

Top of the tick list has to be clear call making and reception. We tested this at motorway speeds by varying voice volume to assess noise cancelling. We then looked for comfort and practicality, especially a tight fit on the ear for the headsets. Points were also earned for multiple battery charging options, long standby and talk times, voice dialling and price.


Look no further than Jabra for a headset, as the BT500v is a comfortable, well priced performer that's ideal for chatty callers. At half the price, the firm's BT125 stablemate does the job nicely for less frequent use. In the sun visor section, the Parrot Minikit combined style with price and performance to come home ahead of Jabra's ageing, but still impressive, SP500.

1. Jabra BT500v
2. Jabra BT125

Visor mount
1. Parrot Minikit
2. Jabra SP500