Rain repellent test

17 Oct, 2008 6:19pm

A rain repellent can drastically improve wet weather visibility. But which product is best? We pick from 10.

Take a trawl through online car forums and you will soon discover drivers are split over rain repellents. Some swear by them, while others rant about how tough they are to remove.

Few people would claim they don’t work, as water beads off the coating they leave behind. The trouble surrounds the windscreen wipers. As they sweep across a treated screen, they leave an opaque smear behind the blade. This isn’t dangerous, but can be irritating. If you’re not sure you want a repellent on the screen, use one on the side and rear glass – it will keep these areas clear and slow grime build-up, plus make removing winter ice easier. We pick from 10 top repellents.

The test

How long does it last and how quick does the water run off? These are the big questions in this test, so our samples were applied to the windscreen and side glass of our long-term Renault Laguna. We measured the speed at which rain moved up the screen and regularly checked beading with a hose throughout a four-week period. Also, we looked at how easy the products were to apply – those with cloths won marks. Price was our final consideration.


The only gel edged the victory, with our top five very close. Comma’s Rain Clear beaded water from the screen fastest, and the gel formula goes a long way. Halfords wasn’t far behind, though, and just takes second spot from Turtle Wax – which is our budget choice.

1) Comma ProVision Rain Clear Gel
2) Halfords Rain Repellent
3) Turtle Wax ClearVue Rain Repellent


Comma, 01474 564311, www.commaoil.com
Rain-X, 0161 935 7490, www.rainx.co.uk
Turtle Wax, 01695 716610, www.turtlewaxeurope.com
Rain Away, www.ebay.co.uk
Halfords, 0845 762 5626, www.halfords.com
Mer, 020 8401 0002, www.merproducts.com
Diamondbritte, 01622 815679, www.jewelultra.com
Farecla, 01920 465041, www.farecla.com