Tyre pressure gauges tested

Tyre pressure gauges tested
22 Mar, 2010 10:54am Kim Adams

Keep your tyres inflated correctly – and save money on fuel – as we rate 12 best gauges

Fuel prices rose yet again last month, according to the AA’s latest figures. So, it is more important than ever to squeeze every last mile out of a gallon. One way to help is to ensure your tyres are inflated correctly.

Fuel economy can suffer by up to 10 per cent if rubber is as little as 6psi underinflated, plus wear increases and you compromise braking and cornering. A quick check with a gauge will soon pay off.

But which do you go for? Digital rules the roost these days – these devices are good value, accurate and simple to read. Yet there are still plenty of analogue dial versions, and our test of 12 covers both.

The test

Accuracy and ease of use are essential – pressures have to be right, and if the device is fiddly, you won’t use it. We inflated tyres to 25psi and 35psi using each unit, rating accuracy with an industrial gauge. Then we dropped our products from a metre, and took the higher pressure again. Clear displays scored points, as did lights and extras like tread depth gauges. Plus, we considered price, excluding any delivery costs.


It was tight at the top, but Ring stole the win from reigning champ Michelin, due to its huge spec. Both are great bits of kit for less than £10. Among the dials, the Draper is cheaper than our top digitals and is accurate and easy to use. It saw off the Grayston.

1. Ring Digital Tyre Gauge
2. Michelin Key Chain Digital Gauge

1. Draper Tyre Pressure Gauge
2. Grayston Stetho-Gauge