Tyre Shopper

Tyre Shopper
21 Jan, 2011 5:16pm Kim Adams




BEST SITE Linked to the National Tyres chain, Tyre Shopper offers hundreds of fitting partners and patterns. You can search down to the load rating, plus the number plate and car options worked for us. Marque-specific tyres are clearly identified and there’s a price guarantee. Claims to be UK’s number one – we can see why.

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On reading this i went to www.tyre-shopper.co.uk
to get a price for a continental to fit my 2008 fiesta zetec s,and they dont even list it! so Auto Express best tyre and they cannot supply, other sites no problem,
BIG MISTAkE Auto Express

I've consistently found that the tyres tyreshopper.co.uk list on their site are not available when you select your branch of National Tyres for the fitting and you are offered a different tyre (and a different price) from the stock they carry. Of those I have experience of, BlackCircles .com are the best both in terms of service, price, fitting centres and communication. Can only assume your results are from a desktop survey and not real life.

If you ask any of the tyre companies for advice it's never given, and you are always directed to their local fitting station for advice, and the fitters will always try to steer you to the tire that they can make the most profit on.
So the best tyre company will always be the one that will sell you the tyre that you have selected, at the cheapest price that you can find in your locality.
Having had contacts that have worked in the tyre industry unit prices for construction have inevitably been bandied about, and unfortunately I feel that the tyre industry in their own interests are keeping prices extremely high, in fact we motorists are once again being ripped off !!!

After placing an order online, I have now been called by Tyre Shopper (by a member of staff not short of bad attitude) that my tyres are unavailable - even though I had e-mailed them to check the tyre description immediately prior to ordering.

Worryingly, I was told that the tyres listed on their website bear absolutely no relation to stock they hold. I was told that they don't actually hold any stock, they order tyres direct from the manufacturers and that all online tyre retailers work in the same way. I put Tyre Shopper's assertion to etyres, who assured me that the tyres available on their website accurately reflect stock they can deliver. Blackcircles said much the same.

Retailers accepting orders - and even taking payment as with Tyre Shopper - for orders they have no idea if they can fulfil is plain wrong. I thought this kind of practice was being stamped out - it certainly should be. Even more so if this practice could be proven to be done deliberately to draw customers in, just to sell them something else. Advertising non-existent tyres at cheaper prices than retailers who hold genuine stock might even be enough to interest Trading Standards.

Ordered tyres from Tyre Shopper website. They took immediate payment of £251. Tyre Shopper sent the tyres to the local National Tyres depot. These were fitted promptly by the depot but when I got back to work I noticed that they had fitted the wrong model of tyre. I called Tyre Shopper and they advised that the depot should have checked the model against the paperwork and that I should take the car back to the depot for verification that they were the wrong model. The depot advised that the tyre that I had ordered was a new model and that they hadn't seen it before and therefore would have no way of knowing whether it was the wrong model or not and that they fitted the tyres that Tyre Shopper had supplied. I then called Goodyear myself to verify and then phoned tyre shopper again who advised that it was MY fault for leaving the depot with the wrong tyres. However they advised that they would phone their supplier to check their side of the story. The supplier advised that they had no stock of the tyre ordered, so just sent the old model instead (without advising me, National Tyres or Tyre Shopper). This is now Bank Holiday weekend and Tyre Shopper advise that I must return the car to the National Tyres depot to have the tyres removed before they will refund my £251. They advise that the delivery on the tyres that I actually ordered is 3 weeks and that it would be better for me just to accept the tyres that they had put on the car. I advised that I could buy the old model tyres much cheaper elsewhere. So Tyre Shopper advise that they will refund the difference (£55) if I can tell them where I had seen the old model tyres cheaper. I gave them the name of the company and they went away to check and came back to advise that the other supplier was not like-for-like and therefore they wouldn't refund the difference. I then advised that they could have the wrong tyres back but that as it was the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, I couldn't get back to the depot to have the tyres changed until after Easter Monday. Tyre Shopper advised that this wasn't acceptable and that my options were 1)keep the wrong tyres that THEY supplied but at the same price as the newer model or 2)return the car to the depot on Good Friday to have the tyres removed. So I went back to the depot who advised that they were fully booked for that day. So had to go to another company to remove the tyres to enable me to get them back to the National Tyres depot before close of business. AVOID Tyre Shopper at all costs. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING. The worst online experience ever!!!!!!!

Hi, I’m the Customer Service Manager at Tyre Shopper. I’m sorry you have experienced problems with your orders. As a long established and respected tyre retailer, we've always gone to great lengths to try and get it right for our customers, but sometimes things do go wrong. We have been experiencing unprecedented shortages from tyre manufacturers recently and this hasn’t helped matters. Where this does happen, we always try and offer a free upgrade (or a full refund if that is the preferred choice). It is definitely not our intention to mislead customers and we do investigate EVERY complaint to ensure that the customer is ultimately satisfied. If you’d like to get in touch with us directly, I’m sure we can help resolve your complaint and even if you don’t wish to use us again, hopefully you’ll leave with a better opinion of us as an organisation. We’d welcome the opportunity to make amends, so please e-mail your name, order number and preferred contact number to us at customerservices@tyreshopper.co.uk and we’ll get straight back to you.

Buyer beware! I've just bought two tyres via Tyre Shopper, and National Tyres tried to rip me off when my car was there. They sent a text saying the car required both bottom arms, tracking, and rear bushes has collapsed. They wanted £180 for the work. My car was due for a service the following week, and I know the guy who does my servicing. He told me everything was ok, even the tracking. I will now be complaining to Tyre Shopper and National Tyres.