TomTom UK & Ireland

TomTom UK & Ireland
22 Feb, 2012 6:00am

Price: £49.99 Platform: iPhone, iPad Contact:


Best buy: Of all the apps here, this feels most at home on a smartphone, while incorporating many of the features found on a standalone sat-nav. Two taps give you iPod control and the music is paused while instructions are provided. It does the same with calls, interrupting to give instructions and returning to the map automatically once you’ve hung up. You get a choice of routes as standard, including one optimised for economy. The display gives distance and time to go, arrival time plus speed with an ‘over the limit’ alert. It spotted all six safety cameras on our test route, although limits on some other roads were out of date. Our main gripe is the price: traffic alerts and live speed cameras are £26.99 a year each, on top of the £49.99. But this app is the closest you’ll get to full sat-nav on your phone.