Tyre dressing mini test

12 Dec, 2012 10:00am

Get your tyres back to black with the right dressing

Dirty, dull tyres can make your car look awful, but the right dressing can add an eye-catching shine and give faded grey rubber a glossy black showroom finish.

There are many different types of product available to achieve this effect, ranging from sprays to aerosols and gels. Bear’s Wax Factory has just launched its Spiffing Tyre Dressing, which falls into the gel category.

We put this newcomer to the test against our current favourite dressing product – CarPlan’s Tyre Slik, which comes in an aerosol can. Our tyre was divided into three sections, so we could compare both products against a section of untreated rubber.

We scored the two dressings for ease of application, their initial impression of cleanliness and how shiny they left the tyre rubber after two weeks. Finally, we factored in value for money.

Spiffing Tyre Dressing is a brilliant product – it smells fantastic, you don’t have to use much of it to shine your tyres and the results last a long time.

However, you can only buy a 500ml bottle, which costs £7.49. The same amount of CarPlan can be bought for only £3.99. Tyre Slik is also slightly easier to apply, as you don’t have to wipe it on – just point it at the tyre and spray away.