Wheel brush - reviews - 2014 group test

27 Nov, 2013 12:30pm Kim Adams

A wheel brush will make light work of shifting dirt and brake dust. But which is the best? We test 12

When you’re shifting brake dust from your wheels, a brush will reach the parts a mitt or sponge can’t get to. It’ll also clean the inner rim and spokes and make it easier to remove hard-to-shift spots on the face of the rim, so it’s an essential addition to your valeting kit. Wheel cleaning packages including brushes used to be popular, but they’re few and far between these days. That means it’s well worth investing in a wheel brush on its own. Most are very effective, and won’t break the bank. So which wheel brush is the one to give your alloy wheels a fresh look? We put a dozen to the test to find out which swept the competition aside.

How we tested them

Makers have to steer a fine line between a firm, aggressive brush and one that could damage the paint on the wheel rim. To see which struck this balance best, we rubbed each brush on a panel to ensure bristles, handle and metal parts would not damage paint. On our grimy alloys, we rated how well each product cleaned the spokes, inner rim and wheel nut sockets. We also checked build quality and comfort, plus took into account price – our figures are taken from several online sources.


As there are so many similar designs of wheel cleaning brush on the market, the result of our test was close. But Muc-Off hangs on to the Best Buy crown it won in our last test with the well built and good-to-use Wheel and Component Brush. The similar but cheaper Nova finishes second, while Muc-Off’s Wheel Spoke Brush is our pick of the long-bristle designs.

1. Muc-Off Wheel & Component Brush

2. Nova Soft Grip Alloy Wheel Brush

3. Muc-Off Wheel Spoke Brush