Best tyre pressure gauge 2014: group test

Tyre pressure gauges
30 Jan, 2014 10:30am Kim Adams

A good tyre pressure gauge keeps you safe and saves you money - so which is our favourite?

Feeling the pressure from high fuel prices? Then make the most of every gallon by ensuring your tyres are correctly inflated.

Michelin says that running 5psi under a suggested pressure can increase fuel consumption by two per cent. And low pressures won’t just hurt you at the pumps: under-inflated tyres wear faster and don’t stop or turn as they should.

A few minutes with a gauge and pump can cut the cost of driving, and with many gauges weighing in at under a tenner, you should soon get your money back. We put 12 under pressure to find which one is right for you.

How we tested them

Accuracy is key here, so we tested our samples on a calibrated test unit at 25, 30 and 35psi – typical car tyre pressures. They were also checked at 30psi after they’d been dropped from a metre. Plus, we looked for ease of use, large clear displays, key psi and bar scales as well as extras like backlighting, work lights and tread depth gauges. Finally, we took into account price – excluding any delivery charges – from several online and retail sources.


Overall accuracy impressed – all but one gauge was within the British Standard tolerance plus or minus 1psi. With accuracy so evenly matched, other factors played a larger role, so it’s no surprise to see our top two include tread depth gauges. Halfords just hangs on to its Issue 1,204 crown, while the excellent but more expensive PCL is close behind. Ring takes third with its neat keyring gauge.

1. Halfords Tyre Pressure Gauge
2. PCL Digital Tyre Gauge
3. Ring Digital Tyre Keyring Gauge