Audi Sport quattro concept unveiled

3 Sep, 2013 11:01pm Jack Rix

The Audi Sport quattro concept revealed ahead of debut at Frankfurt Motor Show 2013

We published dramatic sketches of the sensational Audi Sport quattro concept two weeks ago – and now the Audi has revealed the car in the metal ahead of its Frankfurt Motor Show debut next week.

And based on its production-ready appearance, plus inside information, you’ll be able to buy one by 2016.

The car is designed to mark the 30th anniversary of Audi’s iconic 1983 Sport quattro, and features a host of retro design cues, plus power from a monstrous 690bhp plug-in quattro drivetrain.

Under the bonnet is the same 552bhp twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8 as in the new RS6 Avant, but sandwiched between the engine and eight-speed Tiptronic box is a 147bhp electric motor. That takes the total output to 690bhp and 800Nm of torque – enough for a 0-62mph time of 3.7 seconds and a 190mph top speed.

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With a fully charged battery pack, drivers will be able to go 30 miles on electric power, meaning 113mpg economy and 59g/km CO2 emissions.

The exterior is littered with nods to the eighties Sport quattro, like the flat C-pillar, rectangular headlamps and tail-lights, and the slatted bonnet vent.

Audi says the single-frame grille “provides a glimpse at the future design of sporty models”, and carbon fibre, used for the roof, bonnet and tailgate, is visible on the lower body and throughout the cabin. Yet the car still weighs 1,850kg – 135kg more than the RS5 Coupé.

The minimalist cabin hints at future Audi design, especially the multifunction steering wheel, plus there’s space for four – unlike in the quattro concept from 2010’s Paris show – and a 300-litre boot.

The Sport quattro sits on a modified RS5 platform, but is shorter, wider and higher.

A limited production run is expected at the Neckarsulm plant in Germany, where the R8 and RS models are made, and could cost around £125,000.

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piggy piggy piggy no want

Needs a massive rear spoiler on that! It looks boy racer enough. Performance should be interesting then with that much power.

Loving this! Instant Classic. 690bhp. But will it actually look like this. I hope so.

Like it, from the side looks like the back from one of my favourite cars the vw corrado

Many comments on other forums on this and in general a) looks like all the cars mentioned and IMHO could have been an A3Coupe b) would be ok at around 45k but 125k is a joke and c) doesn't come close to the UR Quattro in terms of design originality. Looks like we will have to wait another 30 years. Keep trying Audi or maybe just get some new designers in...

Exactly - its an A5 with a Maxpower kit on it. Original sketches and concept looked promising then we end up with this. Same thing happened with the Nuvolari concept and we got the A5

Doesn’t look as good as I thought it would. For
the price I was expecting something with way more wow about it. On the road this would look like an A3 or something. Hope the final version is improved.

Love the looks. Less keen on the lardy weight - thanks, no doubt, to the battery pack for the electric motor required to get the CO2 figure down and the theoretical MPG up. As for the price - are they joking??

I love Audi but I love German to any European,American & Japanese brand I realised the original Quattro never was sold in Australia let hope this one does.

Absolutely love the Ur Quattro but this is far from a fitting tribute in terms of styling! I'd have to drink a few tequilas, stand on my head and squint my eyes to see anything other than a resemblance to an Audi A3 or A5! I appreciate the running gear is close, if not likely to be better than, the Ur Quattro. Why did Audi decide that the 2010 Quattro Concept required changing. I thought the 2010 Quattro Concept at least reflected a nod towards the 1983 Quattro. Furthermore the Ur Quattro was born from the original Audi Coupe - so maybe Audi doesn't think they need a mid-range priced sportscar anymore? I see the A5 as more a premium coupe than a sportscar unless we get to S5 and RS5 territory!

I also thought it looked similar to the Corrado.

A tiptronic gearbox? Not even DSG but tiptronic - a genuine slushmatic torque converting auto. Plus 1,850kg and a twin turbo V8? This isn't so much a nimble rally special as a direct rival for the Mercedes CL.
I actually think it looks quite nice, and although I'll admit it's not nearly as striking as the 2010 concept, that's hardly uncommon with production versions of concept cars. in fact, it was Audi who bucked the trend with the TT.
But all in all this is another sad miss for the increasingly banal motor industry. The Sport Quattro was born out of the raw need to be competitive in rally, and was engineering through and through. If homologation rules specified Audi had to make a DTM A5, now that would be the car to have!

Yep, would anyone REALLY pay more than a top end R8 for this with the way it looks? I think Audi want to ride the wave of the Quatro name and reputation, fine but then they should make it cost around 50 grand and actually stick it in some rally's.

At first I thought it is another MQB variant. It looks the part and the size is close. Interior is simplistic with some nice touches and aventador derived instrument panel, nice. Then I see the price (even after checking the specs) and to be honest it is a bit ridiculous.

But limited runs usually are sold out. 690hp for 125,000 is another thing. It maybe wants to target GT-R levels of performance? Maybe audi should have done it with an RS5 variant. The quattro name/concept deserved something more...lightweight.