New Audi Quattro could make production

Audi Quattro Concept
11 Sep, 2013 10:49am Luke Madden

Design bosses at Audi reveal what the new Audi Quattro could entail

The reborn Audi Quattro could make production, but bosses haven’t decided whether it’ll be based on the Sport Quattro concept from the Frankfurt Motor Show or the original Quattro concept from the 2010 Paris show.

Frankfurt Motor Show 2013 

According to Wolfgang Egger, head of Audi design, both are possible: "With every design concept we do we are thinking about everything becoming reality”. Referring to the concepts Egger said: “We have done one (designed for MQB platform) and now we have done the other (on larger MLB platform) so now we need to make a decision.”

Both used wildly different powertrains, with the original car powered by the 2.5-litre turbocharged engine from the TT RS. The Sport Quattro uses a 552bhp twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8 from the RS6, combined with a 147bhp electric motor.

Whatever happens Egger said that the Sport Quattro will influence the next-generation of Audi sports cars. According to Egger we should look out for “the C-pillar, the sexy blisters on the wheelarches and the interesting front”.

Element of the interior, too, will be used in future Audis. Egger said: “We wanted to clean up the interior by removing buttons and functions. It is a complete reduction, designed to make it feel lightweight.”

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Call me Mr Obvious, but I think someone has the photos muddled up. Pic is of the usual dull, boring Audi, but painted in yellow. Text refers to “the C-pillar, the sexy blisters on the wheelarches and the interesting front”.

Totally agree and v amusing. All these factors describe an RS5 IMHO. Audi need a real shake up on the design front. and the result had better be in the 45-50k max bracket

So Audi bloke says the interior is "designed to make it feel lightweight." Shame it wasn't designed to be lightweight - it weighs 1850kg.

Audi was innovative, pushing streamlining in road cars, the aluminium architecture of the A2 with its clever service door. But now it's all LED lights, oversized wheels and rehashed concepts. And what does it give them? Huge sales. I despair.

Pleeeeease let it be the original 2010 concept with five cylinder engine - that was yummy (albeit monstrously overpriced)!

That will be wonderful & Excellent. It can appear tV show like Transporter or new Saint mobile played Adam Rayner.

To most people it will be poinless. In this modern age, who can afford cars like this...Bankers, Celebrities and Drug Dealers.
Let's have cars that are within the reach of the majority and not just the priviliged few.

The one thing you can say about Audi design is they always play safe.Nothing inspiring.