Audi confirms 11 new models planned

17 Dec, 2013 12:54pm Jonathan Burn

Audi CEO confirms model range will increase from 49 to 60 models, with a focus on the SUV segment

Audi CEO Rupert Stadler has confirmed the German manufacturer will be adding 11 new models to the line-up, stating the current product range will expand from 49 to 60 models. No specific models were mentioned but a focus on the SUV segment was highlighted.

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With Audi delivering its 1.5 millionth car this year, Stadler commented, “We will continue to write this success story and expand our product range from the current 49 to 60 models. We see a great deal of potential, particularly in the SUV segment and in the especially prestigious full-size category.”

Audi recently announced plans to launch the Audi Q1, expected in 2016. Continuing with the expansion of the SUV range, a variety of other models such as the Q4 and Q6 could be added to the line up, which could rival the BMW X4 and X6 respectively. Plans to develop a Q2 and a Q8 are also a possibility.

Audi also created a whole new niche with the development of the RS Q3 and SQ5, with similar treatment likely on the upcoming Q models - further expanding the model range.

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The ‘prestigious full-size category’ could see the addition of an A9, which could potentially rival the Porsche Panamera. Rumours of a performance focused RS8 have also been circulating.