New Audi tech revealed at CES 2014

10 Jan, 2014 4:47pm Jonathan Burn

The Audi Sport Quattro laserlight concept boasts high-tech, advanced headlight design

The Audi Sport Quattro laserlight concept was introduced at this year's Consumer Electronics show (CES 2014) in Las Vegas. The revised Sport Quattro has adopted matrix LED headlights with laser light technology.

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Within the headlight cluster, the outer element generates a low beam light by using matrix LEDs - the same tech which debuted on the facelifted Audi A8 - and an aperture mask, while the inner element produces the high-beam laser light.

Audi claims the laser headlights are able to illuminate the road for a distance of up to 500 meters, adding that the laser high beam has roughly twice the lighting range and three times the luminosity of LED high beam lights. The same advanced headlight setup will also feature on Audi’s forthcoming R18 e-tron Quattro Le Mans racer.

Other changes to the revised Sport Quattro concept include a new high-res three-dimensional display, which relays all the key information back to the driver. It’s powered by a cutting-edge Tegra 30 processor from specialists Nvidia.

Why you'll never be waiting at red lights in an Audi

Also on display at CES was Audi's Traffic Light Assist technology, which promises to help drivers make every green light. Essentially, it connects the car with the central traffic control computer, and tells you exactly what speed you need to be travelling to pass through the next traffic light during the green phase. It'll also show you how long you'll be waiting before a traffic light changes from red to green.