Audi Smart Display tablet

15 Jan, 2014 5:09pm Jonathan Burn

Audi branded tablet revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show, capable of operating in-car functions

Audi has unveiled its own portable tablet at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, allowing drivers to operate basic car functions from the touchscreen device. It was demonstrated in prototype form at CES and gives passengers access to over 950,000 apps and movies.

The full-HD 10.2-inch Audi Smart Display can control the cars infotainment system and radio, set destinations on the sat-nav and even display key vehicle information. Passengers in the front and back are able to make use of the device, which is also able to connect to the Internet allowing passengers to download apps and movies via the Android app store.

It can also serve as an audio and video jukebox, with the ability to receive video from the MMI navigation plus system used in Audi’s road cars. External headphones are also provided, which can connect to the tablet via Bluetooth.

The Audi Smart Display was specifically developed for in-car use, with Audi also claiming the device is ‘crash-proof’. As of yet, there is no official word on putting the tablet into mass production or making it available as an optional extra in the Audi range.

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