New 2017 BMW X5 seen on cold weather testing trip

19 Jan, 2016 11:40am Lawrence Allan

BMW's updated X5 has been spotted. The new SUV is expected to go on sale in the second half of 2017

Just after capturing BMW's next Z4 roadster out in the snow, our spy snappers have nabbed an updated X5 SUV driving in a winter wonderland. The Audi Q7 rival isn't likely be unveiled until well into next year.

The current, third-generation X5 has been on sale since 2013, so it's likey that BMW will bring the car up to date to take on the newer Q7. Details are scarce so far, but it's clear that BMW is adopting an evolutionary approach to the SUV's design.

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The front-end is covered up so we can't make out changes to its face, but the side and rear profile look very similar, if marginally less boxy than the current car.

Improving efficiency and technology will be the aim of the game, so expect some improved four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines like the Volvo XC90, but BMW is unliekly to do away with the larger engines completely like Volvo did.

We expect to get further details toward the end of this year from BMW, and a major US or European motor show will host the official debut.

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