German tuner Hamann gives the BMW X6 M50d 455bhp

29 Feb, 2016 2:15pm Tom Wiltshire

Diesel-powered X6 M50d gets a boost up to 455bhp as well as some visual 'upgrades' courtesy of Hamann

German tuner Hamann is known for coaxing extra power from standard engines – especially BMW ones. Now the firm has turned its expertise to the BMW X6 and will show off the upgrades at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

The big news is the upgrades Hamann has made to the engine of the X6. The M50d model on which this tuned version is based was never exactly a shrinking violet thanks to its triple-turbo 3.0-litre straight-six diesel unit, but Hamann has upgraded this with an extra 79bhp and an extra 150Nm of torque, bringing the figures up from 376bhp and 740Nm to a massive 455bhp and 890Nm.

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The company hasn’t told us how much extra speed the power boost brings with it, but as the standard car can go from 0-62mph in just 5.3 seconds it’s not a big leap to expect a sub-5-second time from this two-tonne-plus SUV.

There have been visual upgrades, too. The upgraded black bonnet is actually made entirely of carbon fibre and weighs just 10.5kg, while the 23-inch wheels are also special lightweight versions. That’s not all, though – it’s difficult not to notice the overblown body kit, which adds an extra 12cm of width to the already massive X6. A low front skirt incorporates fibre-optic daytime running lights, while the rear splitter contains quad exhausts sat underneath a carbon fibre-tipped boot spoiler. Those exhausts can even be ceramic-coated should you want a more individual look. Subtle this X6 is not.

Need to make more of an entrance? Diesel it may be, but an ‘Active Sound System’ ensures that the 3.0-litre straight-six will sound like a petrol V8. The noise can even be tailored to your own personal preference through the Hamann app so you can vary the engine roar that you wake the neighbours up with every morning.

Hamann hasn’t given any prices for these upgrades to the X6 M50d, but the car is available to buy now.

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