This week's issue of Auto Express

AEX 1,341
15 Oct, 2014 11:30am

This week's issue of Auto Express features the brilliant new Vauxhall Corsa, plus 120 new cars for 2015

This week's issue of Auto Express is a November special, packed with all the latest news, reviews and features! We've driven the new Vauxhall Corsa - it's much more than some mild cosmetic tweaks. Check out the issue to find out more.

We reveal the hottest new cars to expect in 2015 and beyond, plus there's an exclusive ride in the new Audi RS3 around the Nurburgring. 

Driven this week are the new Volkswagen Passat, Ford Mondeo and BMW X6, while the MINI 5-door meets rivals from Audi and Fiat. The Lexus NX takes on the BMW X3, too. 

This week's speical issue of Auto Express is on sale now for just £3.30 - or you can click here to get 6 issues for just £1.

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All well and good, but can I get it on my Android tablet yet!!!!!

Got my Copy this morning and looking foward to reading it

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This month's or this week's..? Are you going monthly?

Brought my Copy of Auto Express after work today and looking foward to reading it

I like the new handy A4 size still full of the news, first drives, features, road tests, product tests and motorsport I countinue to enjoy every week

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AEX 1,341
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