FM Transmitters reviews - 2014 group test

19 Feb, 2014 12:15pm

We pick from 10 devices to tune into your digital music in-car

Gone are the days when you could buy a new car and upgrade the stereo with relative ease.

The use of complex wiring systems and the move away from a uniform size for manufacturer head units means many drivers stick to the standard kit. But what if you can’t plug in your MP3 player?

An FM transmitter is exactly the accessory you’ll need. Just connect your device, match the radio frequency and you’re set to go – no wires, no fuss. We tested 10 of the best to see which one is our pick.

How we tested them

Poor sound quality is irritating, so we tried all 10 devices on the same built-up route, listening for radio interference. We also looked at compatibility; some FM transmitters only work with a few phones or MP3 players. Ease of set-up was rated, and devices with a wide FM frequency range got top marks. Our final factor was price, taken from a range of online and retail sources at the time of going to press.


With its contactless operation and crisp sound, the Belkin CarAudio Connect FM Bluetooth stole the show. Belkin’s Tunecast II edges the similar aux-only Logic3 IP163K due to superior sound.

1. Belkin CarAudio Connect FM Bluetooth

2. Belkin Tunecast II

3. Logic3 IP163K