New Lister hypercar to tackle Ferrari and McLaren - exclusive details

Lister hypercar sketches
31 Oct, 2014 9:00am James Batchelor

British sports car maker Lister is planning a £2m V12 hypercar that will put McLaren in its place and we have exclusive details

British sports car firm Lister has revealed plans to take on McLaren, Koenigsegg and Pagani with a V12-engined hypercar costing £2million.

The Cambridge-based company is setting its sights on competing with the hypercar elite by building its own car and engine. It has plans to build a “world-beating” car and return the Lister name to “the leading edge” of low-volume sports car manufacturing in the UK, Asia and North America. The company is currently seeking investors to support the project.

Lawrence Whittaker, managing director of Lister Cars, exclusively told Auto Express that he plans to take on the Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1, Pagani Huayra and Koenigsegg Agera models with a 7.8-litre, supercharged V12 which will put out 1,000bhp and be capable of 250mph.

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However, while some of those cars rely on clever hybrid technology, the Lister will focus on flamboyant styling and British craftsmanship. “We are not interested in building the fastest car we can, but one that puts the Lister name in the forefront of people’s minds with a world-beating product,” he told us.

However, Whittaker revealed that unlike companies such as Pagani, Lister has a couple of aces up its sleeve – its famous racing pedigree and the fact that British engineering is currently in vogue – two factors which he feels will be tremendously appealing to customers after the ultimate hypercar.

The famous name was re-launched nearly 12 months ago consolidating three companies: George Lister Engineering of Cambridge, Brian Lister Light Engineering and Lister Storm, creating Lister Motor Company Limited.

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With a big investment from Whittaker, who’s also CEO of the used car warranty specialist Warrantywise, the company built a new factory in Cambridge to re-manufacturer the Lister “Knobbly” Jaguar – a classic racing car from the 1950s.   

So far nine new “Knobblies” each at a cost of £350,000 have been built – and even Whittaker has been surprised at the level of interest in the re-born 1950s racing car project.

He said that Jaguar announcing it would build the six remaining E-Type Lightweights has helped the current trend of continuation cars too – something which is helping drive interest in the new “Knobbly” project.

Can Lister really put the wind up Pagani and Koenigsegg with its hypercar project? Give us your verdict in the comments section below...