Action needed over winter transport issues

Action needed over winter transport issues
3 Jan, 2014 1:10pm Chris Ebbs

Recent floods and storms show drivers need more information in times of severe weather

The road network is still vulnerable to winter weather disruption, and more needs to be done to keep drivers informed. That's the verdict of MPs on the Transport Select Committee.

While there was some praise for improvements made – such as increased supply of road salt for gritting lorries – the Committee has called for further progress.

In its Winter Resilience Report, the Committee said that more should be done by the Highways Agency to review the barriers to providing real-time information to drivers on conditions on the roads.

It wants the Agency to identify technological and other solutions for getting information to drivers, particularly during periods of major disruption, and says it should develop a strategy to implement these solutions across the strategic road network.

The committee's chairman, Louise Ellman, explained that it wasn’t just snow that was the problem. "Disruption to transport is not just caused by snow. We saw recently the impact of severe storms and flooding on transport services.”

A Department for Transport spokesman said: "We welcome the committee's report and we will consider its findings.

"Transport operators have been working hard to keep the public informed during the recent severe weather, but they should not be complacent and must continue to explore how best to keep the country moving during bad weather."

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Stop building on flood plains and on coasts and it won't happen. Also stop giving to the shareholders and invest in more infrastructure etc

Rubbish. We just need the roads repaired properly and the drains cleared before a flood occurs. We get almost non stop weather warnings and forecasts nowadays.

Agree with this. The fact is the road infrastructure needs more investment and I refer to effective drainage as much as proper road surfaces. Drainage where I live (in the countryside) is very poor on major roads never mind minor routes. Rainwater flooding down from higher ground with nowhere to go but channel on to roads. Council dont give a damn of course.

the A40 and the A483 main trunk roads in Wales linking the South West and North East have had several roadoworks for years (especially around a place called LLandovery) , by roadworks I mean traffic lights so that only one lane is open - they've been like that for two years - no work going on, I complained to the Welsh "Government" the Minister Edwina Hart replied that they hoped that money could be allocated in the next TWO years to finish the repairs - lets be honest - they're running out of money due to their incompetence, roads cannot be kept open, the Welsh NHS dreadful vs. England and Welsh sKools ? - going down the tunes

I agree about flood plains - one can see builders corrupting councillors into allowing them to build houses on flood plains that in 5 years will be un saleable due to regular flooding - my aunt bought a house 10 years ago, due to fairly regular flooding they do have insurance but pay £150 a month - I pay that in a year for a house worth over twice as much

if Autoexpress is interested I can forward them the e-mail from edwina hart