Secret EU plan for police to remotely stop your car

The Police
30 Jan, 2014 4:11pm Joe Finnerty

Leaked documents reveal plans for universal remote stopping system by 2020

European police forces are working on a universal remote stopping system to be fitted to cars, according secret documents.

Police would be able to bring cars involved in high-speed chases to a halt remotely removing the need for the current dangerous and unsafe methods such as spiking car tyres.

The technology could be ready as early as 2020 and it would allow criminals on the run to be stopped at the click of a button from an officer working in a central headquarters.

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The project is one of several key priorities to be worked on by the European Network of Law Enforcement Technology Services (ENLETS) - a secretive branch of a European working party aimed at enhancing police cooperation across the EU.

"Cars on the run can be dangerous for citizens," the report stated. "Criminal offenders will take risks to escape after a crime. In most cases the police are unable to chase the criminal due to a lack of efficient means to stop the vehicle safely."

The six-year work programme for ENLETS also includes improving automatic number plate recognition technology and intelligence sharing according to the documents leaked online by Statewatch, a watchdog monitoring police powers, state surveillance and civil liberties in the EU.

The remote stopping and other surveillance plans have been signed off by the EU's Standing Committee on Operational Cooperation on Internal Security, known as Cosi, meaning that the project has the support of senior British Home Office civil servants and police officers.

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Split infinitive in headline. I suppose the "your" car bit in the headline supposes AE readers to be criminals who drive recklessly and is inviting a mass harrumph in response to the proposals!

Time to invest in a nice classic with NO electronics


As much as I'd love to get up in arms about this, the police will likely gain the ability to remotely stop cars whether by legitimately accessing its electronic systems or not; the technology to do so already exists in various forms.

Can you explain how the split infinitive hinders understanding? If not, what is the point of adhering to pointless rules of grammar?

That doesn't seem too implausible with the advent of self-driving (autonomous) machines ... erm I mean cars.

Out of 100.000 cars, how many are involved in high-speed chases? One? Maybe two? And the rest of us have to pay for an 'extra' that will never be used. Great...

Not actually a rule of grammar but very poor style. Up with which we should not put!

Get a motorbike, and have fun while you still can. It seems that the State is getting more intrusive all the time. How soon before ID cards make a comeback then DNA testing at birth?

As a matter of style it's entirely subjective, and context-dependent. Personally I prefer "to remotely stop your car" over "to stop your car remotely".

Just as some people favour a Nissan Juke I suppose.

Another non-story that will never happen.

This is nothing new I know for a fact that Porsche have offered this as part of their tracker system for a long time. It becomes useful when your car gets stolen as they can guide a police car to it and then kill the engine saving further damage to the car and catching the people who stole it.

I don't see the issue if it's done properly? In a high speed chase the cops already have to get permission to T-pack it, or deploy a stinger from command. They should just have to get permission to cut the car out.

I can understand the argument for installing something like this, but like all Big-Brother technology and ideas, it would be wide open to abuse, and expensive for the customer.

As someone else has said, time to invest in a pre-gadgetry classic....

What could possibly go wrong!?

Remember.This is a secret.Shhhhh.

Never trust anyone who describes us as "citizens" and never trust anyone who thinks they'll be the only people to use a technology. The first time a crim uses it to rob/murder someone, it'll go so far into court that it'll never see the light of day again.

Get out of the EU. Tell the EU to get stuffed.

They interfere with our country too much.

Wow, 1984 has finally arrived... only 30 years late. 007 had it right in Skyfall... time to bring out the vintage Aston

Do you really think it would make any difference in this case?

Why not just fit all new cars with 'Trackers' so if they are reported stolen or seen driving dangerously/suspiciously then the force can track their whereabouts and follow them at a safe distance. Then once the car is stationary it can be observed or reclaimed as necessary. Much safer.

How does it help if the number plates have been ripped off or cloned? If cloned, will the vehicle with the correct plates suddenly, maybe in the middle of overtaking or miles from anywhere, suddenly have the engine cut?

It would be only one small step after this system comes into force to govern where you are allowed to travel

So the criminals will find a way around it and everyone else will have a system in their car which allows the state to prevent you driving it (maybe if you disagree with their politics, etc...)

It's the usual tactic of presenting something bad as something good, which will be used for something it won't be. Classic propaganda.

As for:

"The six-year work programme for ENLETS also includes improving automatic number plate recognition technology and intelligence"

Ah yes - ANPR that can be instantly foiled by a criminal using cloned plates. Amazing.

The only reason they'll improve ANPR is to increase revenue from fixed penalties or they're gearing up for EU-wide road tolls. Again, none of these will affect the crims.

It's time people woke up - we're sleepwalking into a nightmare.

Totally agree - if nothing else they'll be a great investment for the totalitarian future.

Soon, you won't be able to start your car unless you insert your biometric passport into the ignition. And if you behind on your council tax bill, then your steering wheel won't work as the council will have the right to disable your power steering, for non-payment. Scary times coming - the more we keep quiet, the more the govt thinks we're happy with it.

To all those talking about buying a classic car, bemoaning Big Brother, etc, try to remember we're a DEMOCRACY.

Speak to your MP. Speak to your MEP. At the next election, ask the candidates what their views are on this and vote accordingly. Remember there is at least one party that will promise you the world to get a sniff of power.

A lot of people, Juke is a big seller. More than 85,000 in the first 9 months of 2013.