New scheme allows motorists to rent out their cars

New scheme allows motorists to rent out cars
4 Feb, 2014 5:24pm Chris Ebbs

Car owners could make money by renting out their cars when they don’t need them

A new car rental scheme, easyCar Club, has been launched nationwide, which allows members to hire out their cars to people who want occasional use of a car.

The service matches people in need of a car on odd occasions with owners willing to rent theirs out for some extra money. It is being launched in association with Zenith Insurance to provide insurance cover and RAC for breakdown cover.

Both the car owner and drivers wanting to rent the car are vetted, while all vehicles available have to meet a minimum standard. Any car has to be less than ten years old, covered less than 120,000 miles and have a replacement value of under £25,000.

Owners can meet the person renting the car to give them the keys, or they can leave the key to be picked up using a secure key safe. Renters are then given a single-use PIN code to access the keys.

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The company claims that car owners could be making around £250 a month if they regularly hire out their car. It also gives the owners the power to set the rental cost for their car and the final decision on whether to accept or reject requests to hire.

Run by the same group as easyJet and easyCar, the system was trialled in London over the last year, with owners making an average £1,800 per year, and has been considered enough of a success to spread further.

Richard Laughton, CEO at easyCar, said: “The service rewards both owners and drivers, offering increased convenience, choice and peace-of-mind and, most importantly, a way to make and save money."

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