Fake DVLA websites overcharging motorists

Driving Licence
7 Feb, 2014 4:30pm Alex Yau

Driving licence applications on bogus sites cost three times as much as DVLA services

Motorists visiting non-government linked websites are paying triple the price of normal driving license applications processed by the DVLA.

These sites, found as sponsored links in search engines, offer check and send services, amongst other additional extras. According to the DVLA, motorists who use this site will only get back a paper application form that has been filled in for them.

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Theory and practical driving tests booked with the DVLA cost £31 and £62 respectively. The Office of Fair Trading says the services and costs offered by non-DVLA websites are not illegal, however.

In 2011, fake emails claiming to be from the DVLA were sent to motorists. Police verified the senders of these emails as fraudsters attempting to steal personal information for identity fraud.

Driving license applications through the Government can be fully completed online and no additional fees are charged during the process. The DVLA urges motorists to apply for their driving licenses through the official gov.uk website.

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