90 years of Citoren

citroen ds3
11 Dec, 2009 12:10pm

In a 90th birthday exclusive, we compare four Citroen classics – plus look at its new 2010 star.

Citroen is 90 not out, and to celebrate the maker’s achievement, we have assembled four great cars from its past, plus one from its future.

More than any other manufacturer, the French giant is known for thinking outside the box. Its history is littered with innovative designs. Not all of them have been sales hits, and some even threatened Citroen’s future, but the brand’s refusal to follow the crowd has resulted in some of the most recognisable machines in the world.

From the innovative Traction Avant of the Thirties to the legendary 2CV, it has always approached car design from a different angle. The complex SM coupé and stunning DS are famous around the globe, which explains why Citroen is relaunching the DS badge with its hotly anticipated new MINI rival, the DS3. We look back at some of this car’s illustrious forebears to see if it can live up to the legend.

The cars...
Citroen DS3
Stylish MINI rival promises to shake up small car class

Citroen 2CV
Tin snail brought post-war mass-market revolution

Citroen DS
Name is synonymous with innovation and stylish looks

Citroen SM
V6-engined stunner took firm into supercoupé market

Citroen Traction Avant
Front-wheel-drive pioneer invented modern family car